Surefire Local Announces Partnership with Amazon’s Alexa to Increase Marketing Reach for Small Business Customers

A newly announced partnership between Surefire Local and Amazon’s Alexa will streamline local marketing for small businesses while adding voice search capabilities, all without making marketing efforts more difficult.

August 29, 2018—Surefire Local, a leading provider of local marketing strategies and technology, has announced a partnership with Amazon through Yext to bring voice-activated location services to their clients. This relationship ensures that Surefire Local’s clients are able to fully control the results given about their business through the voice-activated Alexa smart speakers.

Amazon’s Alexa is leading the way in the voice-activated device market, and by 2020 an estimated 90 million Americans will have these types of devices in their homes. Many of those users will turn to Alexa for questions about local businesses, such as address or hours, rather than online search. Having accurate, updated information available to Alexa is critical to reaching those customers.

“What makes this partnership so exciting for our customers,” said Chris Marentis, Founder & CEO of Surefire Local, “is the fact that smart speakers, like Amazon’s Alexa, are not operated by just one person. Unlike a smartphone or computer, Alexa is open to everyone in the household or office, which means being found on Alexa with accurate information automatically increases a business’s potential reach. Adding this capability to our highly effective local marketing services will help our customer reach significantly more local customers, which helps create their success.”

The explosive growth in the smart speaker market has created a unique local marketing opportunity, and Surefire Local wants to ensure that their customers are able to capitalize on it. Through the new partnerships with Amazon, Surefire Local’s clients can easily manage and control the results Alexa gives when users ask questions about a local business or business type. This means that the information remains accurate at all times, even when the business makes changes. Business owners simply keep the information in their Surefire Local Marketing Cloud account up-to-date, and that information is automatically delivered to Alexa thanks to the integration with Yext.

About Surefire Local

Surefire Local was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Tysons, VA. Surefire Local began with a goal of helping small businesses perform better in search results. Starting from a stellar ebook that propelled this dream through the speaking circuits, Surefire Local grew into a leading local marketing technology platform that’s helped small businesses in diverse niches double and triple their inbound leads to better compete with the big players. Surefire Local is a Google Premier Partner and Yext Certified Partner that specializes in the Home Services vertical, helping contractors and trades professionals in more than 1,730 locations drive quality leads to their businesses.

Steve Eastlack

Steven is a Content Marketing Strategist for Surefire Local. With degrees in Marketing Management and Psychology from Virginia Tech, he works on both content marketing and social media for Surefire Local and it’s Advanced Social Media Clients. Through the use of developing a content strategy, writing monthly editorial calendars and content, and performance reports, Steven helps to build audience and brand awareness for Surefire and it’s clients across all digital platforms.

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