Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

GenNext Media, Inc. dba Surefire Local, (“Surefire”) operates a local marketing automation platform. This privacy policy describes the privacy-related policies and practices for Surefire’s websites, products, and services.

Privacy Policy for our public website at www.SurefireLocal.com (our “Website”)

This section explains what and how Surefire collects, uses, stores and protects the information gathered from its Website. By using and visiting the Website, you agree to this Policy and the uses made of your information as set forth herein or amended hereafter.

Collection and Use of Information

Surefire does not collect personally identifiable information (e.g., postal address, email address, telephone number) about you unless you choose to provide it to us through an online form, via e-mail, or you are accessing client-specific, secure content via our Client Portal (see below). Typically, clients or prospective clients provide us with information. We will use this information only for the purposes for which you provided it and will store it for a reasonable time for legitimate business purposes.

Our Website also automatically creates logs regarding your visits to Surefire.com, such as features that you use, the actions that you take, and the information that you access. We generally use this information in statistical and aggregate formats to assess the effectiveness of our Website, to better understand the ways the website is being used and to improve the Website experience.

Use of Cookies

We only collect data for use to provide you information on digital marketing for your business. If you want your data deleted from our records, please send us an email at info@surefirelocal.com. We use cookies on the website to customize and provide personalized information to help you succeed in your business.

Privacy Policy for the Surefire Local Marketing Cloud (“Client Portal”)

This section explains what and how Surefire collects, uses, stores and protects the information gathered from our Client Portal, known as the Surefire Local Marketing Cloud. The Client Portal is a password-protected website for clients and prospective clients, which are usually businesses.

Collection and Use of Information

Surefire generally collects personally identifiable information from clients and prospective clients and requires that they create a User ID and password in order to use the Client Portal. We will use this information in order to create and maintain billing and other business records and for other legitimate purposes and will generally store this information so long as we maintain a business relationship with our client and for a reasonable time after the termination of the business relationship.

Our Client Portal does collect non-personally identifiable information. For example, our Client Portal automatically creates logs regarding the reports you run and the information you access via the Client Portal. We generally use this information in statistical and aggregate formats to assess the effectiveness of our Client Portal and to make it better and easier to use.


Privacy Policy for our technology (our “Technology”)

This section explains what and how Surefire collects, uses, stores and protects the information gathered by our Technology, which powers the Surefire Local Marketing Cloud (collectively, our “Technology Products”).

Collection and Use of Information

Surefire does not collect personally identifiable information via our Technology. We do collect non-personally identifiable information such as IP address, browser type, user agent and referring URL. We use this information in order to provide our Technology Products and we may share that information with our clients to help them ensure brand safety in their online advertising campaigns and for analytics, ad delivery and reporting purposes.

Additional Privacy Information Applicable to all Surefire Products, Sites and Services

Data Security/Integrity

Surefire has reasonable security measures in place to the information in our care from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Only authorized employees have access to the data you provided and that access is limited by need. Our employees who have access to the data you provided have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of such information. No method of transmission over the Internet or method of electronic storage is 100% secure; therefore, while the company strives to use commercially acceptable means to protect your information, it cannot guarantee absolute security.

Children’s Privacy

We intend the Website and Client Portal to be used only by adults. Children are to obtain their parents’ permission prior to sending any personally identifiable information to us over the Internet. Neither the Website nor the Client Portal knowingly or intentionally collects information on children under the age of 13. If we discover that a child under the age of 13 has supplied personally identifiable information to Surefire via the Website or Client Portal without their parent’s consent, we will use reasonable attempts to ensure that this information is deleted from our system.

Disclosure of Information by Surefire

Surefire generally does not sell, distribute or disclose your personally identifiable information collected from the Website to third parties without your consent. However, we may release information to a third party if required by a legal process such as a subpoena or a search warrant. Moreover, Surefire may share certain information with trusted third-party partners. These third party contractors are prohibited from using the information for purposes other than performing services for Surefire. Finally, Surefire may transfer any information that we have, including any personally identifiable information, to a successor entity in connection with a corporate merger, consolidation, sale of assets, bankruptcy, or other corporate change.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Surefire may change and update this Privacy Policy, including materially changing the use made of personal information described herein. Any change or update to our privacy policy will be posted on our Website under “Privacy Policy” at least 30 days prior to their implementation. Your continued use of the Website after the effective date of any changes will constitute your acceptance of all of the changes.

Contacting Us

If you have questions regarding our privacy practices, please submit a privacy inquiry or send us an email at privacy@SurefireLocal.com.

It's a one stop shop. Everything you need is in one place but what's special is having a liaison, a conductor if you will who can translate all the techy stuff into English and manage all the processes & activities that would otherwise keep you from performing the duties necessary within your own business. It's like having a personal assistant who pulls all the strings behind the scene for you, when you simply wouldn't have the time or know how otherwise. This translates to a service that functions like a well oiled machine, from top to bottom. Ultimately from a customer’s perspective, it shows that Surefire is present and most certainly relevant within a sea of gimmicks. Our SEO rankings have drastically improved and were getting quality profitable leads that are more than justifying the bottom line.

Zachary Dickie

The benefits of working with the Surefire team are invaluable and I can’t imagine where our site would be if we hadn’t made the choice to get on board with them. I would emphatically suggest to anyone looking to build a new website and learn about it along the way, as well as how to stay abreast of what’s changing in the fast paced world of the internet, to call Surefire Local today.

Christina Noyes

I wanted more people to engage with our website and to call us. I needed more leads. I did not think my website was working as hard as it should be. With my previous website, I was lucky to get 5 leads per week. When my Surefire Local designed website was launched, I saw immediate results...more phone calls...more website form submits! I now easily get more than 5 leads every day… a 400% increase in lead flow!

Greg Cowan

Using Surefire has allowed me to spend more time on my business and less time worrying about what/where I should be spending my advertising dollars. I have a much better web presence, more activity (leads from website and phone calls), better handle on my overall marketing budget. I liked the broad menu of options and services they provided to address my needs. From the biweekly coaching to teaching and helping me to understand online tactics and strategies (PPC, SEO, SEM, etc) and tying in my website with my business' overall marketing strategy

Bob Baker

Cashion Enterprises has worked with Surefire Local just since April 2014 but the immediate results have been so noteworthy, I’m happy to recommend the Surefire Local team. They revamped our four local sites for heightened usability and improved organic search; it’s a bit early to gauge the results, but early indicators are promising. What I’m most thrilled with is the performance of our paid search. We worked with another PPC mgmt. vendor with dismal results and hoped to see a boost within a few months after working with Surefire – within just the first month the results were awesome! One of our biggest markets had 79% increase in leads. Efficiencies in all markets with double digit increase in leads with substantially lower cost per lead are the direct result of their experience and expertise. If they had told me to expect this type of improvement I never would have believed them.   From the first time I met with Bob I’ve been impressed – his direct, non-nonsense approach is refreshing. He tells your realistically what Surefire can and can’t do, which may sound basic, but is a rarity when working with internet agencies who typically promise the moon and deliver much less. The Surefire team has the perfect blend of experience in home improvement with Ken, online marketing with Bob and PPC expertise with Brian. They understand the importance of keeping our costs per appointment in line as well as balance a strong online presence.   If you have any questions about the overall ‘awesomeness’ of the Surefire Local team, please reach out to me. I’ve been thrilled with the results we have had with our four organic local sites and one ppc that serves all markets. They are a delight to work with.

Michelle Lamb

We started with Surefire Local at the beginning of 2014 with a complete new design. The people at Surefire Local have done an outstanding job creating content that meets all the requirements of the social web. Our site visits are up over 40%, we receive almost twice as many calls from it and we have gone from the 6th page to the first in a very short time. To say they have done a good job does not do it justice. They have done a fantastic job!

Ray Hoffman

I have worked closely with Surefire Local on our Social Media Campaign. We had no presence with any of our social media avenues. Surefire helped me set up a monthly editorial plan that really helped capture a solid base audience in just a few short months. Our main goal was to increase our likes on our company page and to generate a social buzz. In a few short months we were able to go from 23 likes to 400, and we generated $50,000+ in sales. With just one of our campaigns we were able to capture issued leads for $16 cost per lead. I would definitely recommend Surefire Local.

Kara Kier Ferguson

I love working with vendors who say exactly what they can do to help your business… and then deliver on their promises. When we turned over our organic website in Denver to Surefire Local, it was averaging 6 issued appointments per month. Within three months, Surefire had moved that number to 10. The quantity of sales made from those appointments during a six-month period also jumped from 10 to 18 (a 6 point increase in close rate), indicating a well-qualified lead. Surefire’s pay-for-performance model means they have skin in the game. The better they do on our behalf, the bigger our bill—but this is one bill I’m happy to pay every month. We were so impressed, we’re having Surefire launch new organic sites in our San Francisco, Philadelphia and New England markets in 2014.

Matt Miller

Surefire Local and my “web-guy” David Frawley have been a valuable asset in recreating and driving our online presence to produce measurable results. It’s a big world out there and Surefire makes it make sense. I particularly like how David breaks down the big plan into achievable pieces that we can understand and execute.

Dave Balog

Surefire Local has been an extremely valuable partner to our company during the time that we’ve worked with them. Bob Sheehan is an amazing consultant and account rep—very knowledgeable, responsive, always happy to share his expertise, and completely trustworthy. We are so thankful to be able to partner with someone who has and is making a huge difference for our internet marketing efforts.

Scott Barr

We've been working with Surefire Local for the past two years on our internet marketing strategies.They have redesigned our website (www.rbaoc.com). We also work with them for our on-going SEO, PPC advertising and a monthly E-newsletter.Since working with them, our website consistently ranks #1, 2 or 3 in almost all of our keywords and we are receiving a steady flow of cost effective leads.Surefire Local is the real deal! They understand the internet marketing game and they understand how to make it work for home improvement contractors. Our direct contact, Bob Sheehan, has really taken a personal interest in our account and breaks down the "techie gibberish" into language that we can understand and use.

Charles H. Gindele

Tittle Brothers Construction started working with Surefire Local in early 2012. Since then we have received excellent service, support and advice on creating and maintaining a robust, relevant web solution that generates valuable customer activity. Surefire Local believes that teamwork is the best approach to building a strong online presence; they listen to our needs and deliver consistently solid guidance to help us grow. We would recommend Surefire Local to any company intent on taking their online marketing strategy to the next level.

Carrie Tittle

I was skeptical at first because we are not “techies” – but the low cost of Surefire Local swayed me. We saw it more as an opportunity to grow. With the economy the way it is, we wanted a smart way to grow our business at a low cost and Surefire Local was the answer. We wanted to extend our reach and spend less; we’re seeing significantly more qualified leads on a smaller budget thanks to what we’ve learned with Surefire.

Terry & Kristen Stamman

I have been a client of Surefire since October 2011. If you're thinking of using a social media company, look no further. This is the most comprehensive company I have ever dealt with. From re-working our website to introducing us to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Coach Phil meets with me every week, sometimes more and our ghost writer Joan is phenomenal. All overseen by an awesome leader Sir Chris. Thanks Surefire, our roofing business is having an incredible start to the year, thanks for your continued support.

Chad Muth

Chris Marentis, and his dynamic marketing team, have made a great difference in our company's position around the web. Chris's depth of knowledge on today's market is unique in his industry. I know he and his team are dedicated to not only their success, but also ours, which has created a great partnership.

Kathlene Buchanan

Phil, at Surefire Local, has redesigned our website and in a few months has made a great impact on our website traffic. I was very apprehensive at first to go with a coach, but I am glad I did…Teaming up with Surefire Local has been a great experience and a great investment.

Jackie Power

I’ve seen a five-fold increase in leads since implementing social media marketing. Traffic to my website is up 300%. After using Surefire Local, I re-launched my website, and started blogging. I got more involved with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to drive more traffic to my website. Since I started, I’ve had a five-fold increase in leads since implementing social media. Traffic to my website is up 300%. I’ve done a little bit of everything and it seems to be working.

Scott Siegal

Having been a successful roofing company for over 20 years, we were never certain about Internet leads and our website never generated the traffic we hoped. After teaming up with Surefire Local, our site is easy to navigate, we’re doing social media, interacting with customers, we’ve already reached the first page in natural search for several keywords and the number of quality Internet-generated leads has been substantial. Now we're getting leads from our Facebook page, too. Their Coaching program has been an excellent investment-- it's well worth it!

Matthew Housh

Our company started working with Bob Sheehan a year ago. Bob has assisted us in the redesign of our website, and our company is in the number one position when keywords are "Googled". We have been introduced to many internet tools that have increased traffic to our website. The company website now has become an excellent source for generating company leads. Before Bob, our website sales were a mere $22,000. As of today, total website sales are $218,568! I agree with the other reviews. This has been an excellent partnership.

Cindy Cordosi