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Business Mastery Workshop: Take Control of Your Clients, Your Team, and You! [Video]

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When we have a finite resource (like time), we must figure out how to spend it in an optimal way. We’re all given 24 hours in a day, how we choose to spend this time defines our success.

In this webinar, Mark is going to walk through his time and business mastery system, focusing specifically on how you can take control of your client meetings and work, help your team be efficient and productive, and ultimately how you, yourself, can become a master of time.

This training covers:

  • Common misconceptions and causes of “time stress”
  • Differences between being efficient vs. effective; and which is better to strive for
  • The essential steps to take control of your time and manage it in a realistic way
  • How to foster stronger client relationships, team culture, and personal growth

If given the opportunity to have 1 extra hour each day, what would you do with it? With Mark’s time mastery system, the possibilities are nearly endless!

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Take notes and follow along with the copy of the presentation:

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