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Upcoming Workshop: Getting Started with Facebook and Instagram Ads for Home Services Contractors



Register for the Facebook and Instagram Ads Workshop for Home Contractors

Get in front of homeowners who are already on Facebook and Instagram and having conversations about your services.

What you need to know

I am hosting an online contractor workshop on Facebook and Instagram advertising next week on Tuesday, March 12th at 4 pm / 1 pm EST.



How to watch

Register for the webinar here and you’ll be able to watch and listen from any device! We’ll also be sharing the recording and is a great listen for your commute home or in the office with your team.

What it’s about

In today’s world, homeowners are on Facebook and Instagram, and actively using these channels to find local home contractors either through recommendations or search. This training will share an action plan to get you started and how to get results with Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

Any questions?

Let us know what questions you have ahead of time and I can answer them while we’re together on the webinar!

I’m excited to bring you this free contractor marketing training on Facebook and Instagram advertising and I know you’ll get a lot out of it.

Jenny Sylvers

Jenny is a Marketing Manager for Surefire Local. With degrees in Marketing Communications and Advertising from University of Miami, she focuses on email, video and content marketing as well as advertising and graphic design for Surefire Local. Along with her marketing talent, Jenny also has a passion for bartending and exploring all the different rivers and hiking trails outside of Washington, DC.

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