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The Importance of Online Reviews for Home Services Contractors in Today’s Digital Age



If you’re in charge of managing your home improvement business’s online presence, regardless of how big or small, its success mostly relies on brand image, credibility and reputation. In this day and age, everyone uses the Internet to get in touch with local businesses in their area and make decisions about which contractor to hire for their home project. It’s only fitting to sustain a positive image among clients in order to manage your online reputation well.

Managing Your Online Reputation As A Home Services Business

A well-thought-out and smart online ratings and reviews plan can open numerous opportunities for your home services business. For instance, if you have a positive online reputation, you’ll get more leads to check out your products and services. After the job is done, they may leave reviews for other potential clients to see in the future.

Your reviews—their quantity, quality, and consistency—are a major factor in the recency and prominence of your digital footprint. According to studies, 40% of the time homeowners respond with a four-star or better rating when the contractor makes the request personally. This is the reason you should plan carefully and develop a strategic online ratings and reviews plan that will appeal to your target customers.

How Can Home Services Contractors Get More Reviews?

These tactics will help you increase the number of online reviews for your home services business in no time:

  • Establish a proactive process.
  • Set responsibility.
  • Educate and train your team.
  • Send requests to customers.
  • Engage and follow up.
  • Set up alerts for new reviews.
  • Share positive reviews on your website, social media, marketing materials, etc.

Looking for a tool that can help you get a more streamlined process for generating more client reviews? This is where GeoJuice comes in. Surefire Local has introduced this app to help you simplify the process of creating fresh geocoded content, such as reviews and check-ins that get shared across your entire online presence.

Get Reviews with GeoJuice

Learn more about your online reputation and how GeoJuice can help your business thrive by downloading this digital marketing guide, “Grow Reviews, Reputation, Rankings & SEO with GeoJuice”.

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