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3 Ways Home Services Contractors Can Build Trust Through Social Media



When it comes to your home improvement business generating new leads through digital marketing, it begins by building trust with homeowners. The best way to do that is to win their trust with online reviews and build a community on social media. Doing so can help you engage homeowners in meaningful and real conversations that lead to a reputation of your home improvement business as being one of the best there is in the local area.

3 Steps to Get Started and Build Trust with Homeowners

Here are some handy tips to help get you started. To get the full rundown of steps to build customer trust, download our free guide here.

  • Check the online reviews about your business. Earning satisfactory reviews are great, but not every experience is the same for each client. That’s why you shouldn’t worry too much if you receive a less than stellar review–you can use it as an experience to spin it into a positive experience. Having a range of reviews just goes to make your home improvement business more human and authentic, therefore more trustworthy.
  • Respond to a negative review promptly. Like I just mentioned, getting a bad review is actually a great opportunity to connect with clients and strengthen your online reputation. First, make sure you are always notified when a new review appears online–you can use tools like the Surefire Local Marketing Cloud and Google Alerts for this. A prompt reply to the unhappy client’s review can help defuse the situation while allowing for open, honest communication. Don’t forget to say “I’m sorry” and always own up to mistakes, but make sure to correct inaccuracies, as well. Look to criticisms as a way for improvement.
  • Get more positive reviews. Good ones can make your clients trust you more, which in turn, helps to drive more leads. There are a couple of easy ways to get positive reviews. You can, for instance, just ask. You can give them a handwritten note or an invitation by email that encourages them to share their experience and feedback. You should also learn when to ask for a review. Don’t wait too long–the ideal time is when the project wraps up because it’s the “height of customer euphoria”. A call-to-action button on your website and online profiles make it easier for your clients to leave a review, as well.

Learn more about how you can win your customer’s trust by downloading our Digital Marketing Guide here.

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