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6 Questions Home Improvement Contractors Should Ask Themselves Before Responding to a Negative Review



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Nobody enjoys seeing that notification of a negative review, but with the right attitude and response, you can turn them into a real competitive advantage for your home improvement business. Below are six questions all home improvement contractors and business owners should ask themselves before hitting “publish” when responding to a negative review.

Question 1: What kind of review was given?

Without counting those that break review guidelines, it’s generally one of these familiar types: simple statements of facts, polite critiques, reasonable complaints, and unfair attacks.

Your response should be topical and focused on any actual feedback given.

Question 2: Who gets a response?

Everyone—no exceptions. Every valid review deserves a proper response. If it’s a lesser star rating, a response can help that person feel comfortable about updating their review to a higher star rating once their issue is resolved. A response to a positive review can make the person that much happier and could even help to encourage a referral.

Question 3: When should you respond?

The sooner the better! Generally within 24 hours is ideal, but this isn’t to say older reviews can be left by the wayside. If a review is within a couple months, it could provide a great opportunity to check back in and ask how their new roof, windows, siding, etc. is working out.

Question 4: Where should you respond?

Negative reviews are best approached on two fronts: public and private.

Your public response shows the reviewer and others that you care about customer experience. Then, by inviting them to move the conversation to a private channel, you’re able to address their issue(s) in a more focused and efficient way.

Question 5: Why respond at all?

The goal is to turn their negative review into a positive experience. Doing so demonstrates that you value customer service, which improves customer retention and acquisition. Everybody wins!

Question 6: How should you respond?

Before working toward a resolution, always first thank them for leaving a review. Apologize for the cause of dissatisfaction and explain how you plan to keep it from happening again. Specific resolutions can be discussed in private.

Want more tips on managing your reviews?

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