How Yelp and Other Review Directories Play a Crucial Role in Your Online Presence [VIDEO]


Tell me if I’m wrong…the first thing you do when looking for a local business is search for them online and read their reviews. Your customers are doing the same thing too! New data shows that 91% of people (up from 88%) trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Reviews, search and online local directories all play an important part in your overall online presence.

Think about doing that same search for a local business. You probably saw fewer company websites and more local directories in your search results. For instance, if you were to Google “roofing business near me” (just like the search pictured below) you’ll see a mix of local company’s map listings followed by directory websites like Yelp.



Does your home contracting company have a presence on Yelp? It may not be your favorite review site, but it is your customers’ and having a complete Yelp listing is a great way to maximize your business’s real estate on the search engine results page.

Your business might even already be on Yelp without you knowing about it. Anyone has the ability to create a Yelp page for your business if one doesn’t already exist. Kind of scary, right! To get the most of your Yelp listing, there’s more to do than simply claiming your profile. There are 3 proven steps to optimize your profile and make sure that it stands out from competitors, ranks well in Google search, and ensures that your online reputation reflects your offline reputation. It’s crucial not just to claim/create your profile, but to monitor and update it on a regular basis. The more comprehensive and up-to-date your profile is, the better your chances are of ranking within Yelp and the search engine results pages. In fact, recency and how often you add to your online presence is one of the most important ranking factors on Google.

We’ve invited an expert from Yelp, Darnell Holloway, to join Surefire Local’s next webinar to discuss the 3 proven steps you can take to make sure your contracting business is the best choice to homeowners searching online and on Yelp. Register here to join us for this webinar on Thursday, December 13th (if you register you will also receive the recording to watch at your convenience): https://webinar.surefirelocal.com/contractor-webinar-online-reviews-with-a-yelp-expert/

Jenny Sylvers

Jenny is a Marketing Strategist and Brand Manager for Surefire Local. With degrees in Marketing Communications and Advertising from University of Miami, she focuses on email, video and content marketing as well as branding and graphic design for Surefire Local. Along with her marketing talent, Jenny also has a passion for bartending and exploring all the different rivers and hiking trails outside of Washington, DC.

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