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To help you invest now for the spring season, get 50% off the setup and 50% off the first month if you sign up for a digital marketing package this month.

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Instead of putting your hard-earned marketing dollars into a black box and wondering what will come out, you get a clear look into what you’re spending, where it’s going, and how much business it’s bringing back.

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Instead of juggling who-knows-how-many different tools, services, platforms, and directories, you captain all your marketing activities – from your website to Facebook – with just one login. And make them work harder.

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No canned responses from people who don’t understand your business or your question. You simply get your dedicated account manager on the phone when you need some extra assistance or advice.

Do you show up in the top 10 search results on Google when consumers are seeking a new roofing contractor?

What GAF Factory-Certified Contractors Say About Surefire Local

The benefits of working with the Surefire team are invaluable and I can’t imagine where our site would be if we hadn’t made the choice to get on board with them. I would emphatically suggest to anyone looking to build a new website and learn about it along the way, as well as how to stay abreast of what’s changing in the fast paced world of the internet, to call Surefire Local today.

Christina Noyes
Russ Noyes Roofing Inc

Using Surefire has allowed me to spend more time on my business and less time worrying about what/where I should be spending my advertising dollars. I liked the broad menu of options and services they provided to address my needs. From the bi-weekly coaching to teaching and helping me to understand online tactics and strategies (PPC, SEO, SEM, etc.) and tying in my website with my business' overall marketing strategy.

Bob Baker
Hinkle Roofing

I have been a client of Surefire since October 2011. If you're thinking of using a social media company, look no further. This is the most comprehensive company I have ever dealt with. From re-working our website to introducing us to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Coach Phil meets with me every week, sometimes more and our ghost writer Joan is phenomenal. All overseen by an awesome leader Sir Chris. Thanks Surefire, our roofing business is having an incredible start to the year, thanks for your continued support.

Chad Muth
Muth Company Roofing

All Your Digital Marketing Results in One Place

Collecting and analyzing data from multiple places is a challenge for busy business owners.The Surefire Local Marketing Cloud solves this challenge because you can see all your marketing data within one dashboard.

Business owners, it’s time to get perspective on how your marketing is really working.


  • Single sign-on to entire digital footprint
  • Security
  • Data structure and storage for benchmarketing and optimization
  • Location data/listing management and near real time updates including featured messages
  • Reputation managemant to drive SEO
  • Social publishing to 9 channels with complete reporting including engagement by post
  • Create new pages on your website through blog publishing
  • Immediate stand up and activation for PPC campaigns to generate leads quikly
  • Mobile app to immediately respond to new leads and reviews

Surefire Local in the Media

“I’ve noticed that successful business solutions use one or more of the following principles to make it easier for you to run your company:

  • Simplification – reducing the steps to get something done
  • Automation – enabling solution to handle tasks for you
  • Centralization – Integrating processes and reporting into one place.

Rarely have I found all three principles applied in equal force within one solution yet that’s exactly what I encountered, and more when I took a look at SureFire Social’s Local Marketing Cloud

Matt Mansfield

Small Biz trends

Small Biz Trend

“The Surefire Local Marketing Cloud is a gorgeously-integrated dashboard for everything you’ll need to both monitor and engage with your prospects, clients, and fans, all-in-one easy-to-use interface.

Seriously: easy-to-use. Seriously: all-in-one.
Even easier than Google Search Console, easier than Google Analytics, even easier than HootSuite, Buffer, or any of the other cobble-together, hooptie.

Chris Abraham

Marketing & PR Consultant, Gerris Digital