Surefire Local started in 2009 as Surefire Social™ with an idea – a way to help small businesses rank higher in search engines with cost effective SEO, website design, and other digital marketing services.

Then, it became an eBook that spread like wildfire through the speaking circuits. Today, it’s an unbeatable local marketing platform with one critical mission: simplify online marketing so local businesses can grow profitably.

Through the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with over 3,000 local, small companies and we’ve watched many of them double and triple their profits with Surefire Local. As more and more small businesses across the world look to strengthen their online presence in a complex, digital world, Surefire Local will be there with a promise: Local Dominance. Unlimited Growth!

We’re here for the hard workers. The people who take risks, build things from scratch, and are still at work long after the last customer has been served… the last patient seen… the last window hung.

Take control of your online presence