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Remodeling Mastery Episode 126: Digital Fitness | Thought Leader Interview with Erika Taylor



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(1:42) In This Episode: Digital Fitness

One inevitable effect of technology revolutionizing the remodeling industry is that digital fitness is now a key aspect of overall business health. No “unfit” brand can expect to thrive in a complex, competitive market in the digital age. But how do you know you’re fit enough to compete? In the same way physical fitness is a function of strength, flexibility, balance, speed, mobility and endurance, digital fitness is a product of multiple factors. In this episode of Remodeling Mastery, Mark Richardson uses the analogy of a bike wheel to break down the seven essential “spokes” a business must maintain in order to achieve optimal digital fitness.

(16:13) Thought Leader Interview with Erika Taylor, Director of Content for Professional Remodeler

As chief of content for one of the nation’s leading construction and remodeling trade publications, Erika has an unequaled vantage point into the hottest trends and issues moving and shaking the home improvement space. Tune in to this Thought Leader Interview, where she and Mark take the pulse of the market and give us a closer look into what today’s homeowner wants and expects from remodelers like yourself.

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In 2019, Mark G. Richardson is taking his popular podcast series to the next level with a fresh new format in store for listeners. Mark will be integrating interviews with thought leaders who have experienced tremendous success in the industry and growing their own businesses to share snippets of wisdom to help you achieve the same. Additionally, Mark is bringing in some experts to share key indicators that they’re seeing out there in the marketplace that could have a monumental impact on your business.

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