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What is Google Local Services Ads & Why Should Home Services Business Take Notice?



According to a recent report, more than 74 percent of consumers use Google as their first option for finding information. This number has even likely gone up in the time since I’ve written this sentence! What this means for local businesses in the home services industry is that reaching homeowners in today’s marketplace simply cannot be done without Google (or is highly unlikely at the very least).

This is especially important for companies like yours (that offer local services) as these consumers tend to be looking to meet immediate needs–and your company needs to be one of the first they see in order to win the project.

Google Local Services ads can be your ticket to success. If you’re not quite familiar with this new game-changing advertising program by Google, it’s okay. In this article, we’re going to walk through what Local Services ads are, the unique value it brings to home services contractors, and what you need to know to add Local Services ads to your advertising strategy.

Let’s begin!

What is Google Local Services Ads?

Most of us are familiar with the traditional type of Google Ads that appear in search results or on other websites in the form of display ads. Local Services ads, however, are a new advertising offering from Google and work a little differently.

Local Services Ads appear at the very top of the search results page, and are click-to-call ads rather than delivering consumers to a website landing page to either fill out a form or then call you. These ads appear above traditional Google Ads and all local map and organic results. You really do get listed at the very top of Google.

google local services ads results page

These ads are highly customizable and businesses can select (or avoid) specific job types to ensure that only the right leads find their ads and call them. For example, if a window replacement company does not offer board-up services, that job type can be deselected so consumers who need that specific service are not shown ads from that company.

Another feature of Local Services ads is the lead management system. Each business works from a dashboard that collects, tracks, and records phone calls and separates them based on whether they are new, active, booked, or completed. Plus, if a single lead calls more than once, that activity will be displayed collectively and you’ll only be charged for a single lead. This dashboard will also be connected with your Google My Business dashboard for a unified experience.

Google provides homeowners a complete guarantee for your services, giving them trust and confidence to choose your company. This appears in the shape of a green “Google Guaranteed” badge that displays alongside your business name. If a customer is not satisfied with the work, Google may refund the amount paid for jobs booked through the ad. Businesses are always given an opportunity to provide their side of the story and to make things right with a customer before refunds are issued.

How Google Local Service Ads Are Changing the Advertising World

Local Services Ads help homeowners discover and hire service professionals quickly and easily. Because Local Services Ads display at the top of the search results, they deliver the highest visibility for local businesses in the home services industry. Local Services Ads are also the results that are delivered to smart home devices such as Google’s Home Hub or Home Mini, a category that’s becoming increasingly important for businesses that want to connect with homeowners.

Google Local Services Ads give consumers confidence that they’ve connected with trusted professionals who can take care of their needs. Local Services ads also deliver:

  • Instant Results. Homeowners can compare professionals at a glace and connect with the ones they choose.
  • Ease and Convenience. Everything homeowners need to hire a professional is organized in one place. Professionals only pay for valid calls that they receive directly from the ad, and can set an average weekly budget to make sure costs stay contained.
  • Trust. Businesses are prescreened and backed by the Google Guarantee along with real customer reviews. Service providers who have completed the
    process will have a badge displayed to signify that this provider can be trusted.

Getting Started with Google Local Services Ads


The first step is to verify the availability of Google Local Services Ads for your service type and your area. One way to do that is to perform a quick Google search using your services and the words “near me” (i.e., “plumbers near me”) to see if Local Service ads are displayed at the top of the page. If you do not see any ads, it may mean that there are not currently any verified providers so you may be one of the first for your area! The next step is to create a profile that contains information about your business and submit your business license (if applicable) and insurance information to Google for review. For many types of companies, a background check is required, and all businesses need at least one customer review to go live.

Google Local Services Ads availability

As a Google Premier Partner, Surefire Local is in a unique position to help your business get through the verification process. Our team can guide you through the steps and help make it a painless and seamless journey. That way, you can get your ads up and running quicker than if you went at it alone.

The best strategies also use a holistic approach that combines the best of the many options, including Google Ads, Local Services ads, content marketing, and more. If you’re not sure how to incorporate Local Service ads into your strategy or need some help to get approved by Google, we can help! Connect with our team for a Google Local Service ads and Google Ads consultation today!

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