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Does Google Trust Your Home Services Business?



While it’s true that trust is currency, it doesn’t just apply to your clients. It also applies to Google. Google is the most popular search engine consumers use every day to find the answers to their questions. By following Google’s best practices to manage your online presence, you’ll be rewarded by getting more visibility in local searches for your services.

So how do can home services contractors get the world’s largest search engine to trust them?

TrustRank 101

TrustRank is a fancy term we digital marketers like to use to describe the level of trust Google has for a brand. No one knows the exact algorithm Google uses to measure trust, and no one ever will. What we do know is that Google uses what we call “trust signals” and artificial intelligence to determine whether or not your home services business is a credible one.

Think of TrustRank as a filter you should pass if you want to be visible online. Trust signals are what determines whether or not you make it through the filter.

Key Google Trust Signals

  • Local trust signals
    • Physical location and service area mapping
    • Google Maps presence
    • Schema markup
  • Content trust signals
    • “Trust pages” (About, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Contact)
    • Quality backlinks
    • Optimized web page elements
    • User interaction (bounces, blocks)
  • Website and domain trust signals
    • Domain age and registration length
    • Security (HTTPS)
    • Website performance
    • Site activity
    • Public WHOIS
  • Brand trust signals
    • Branded domain/site name
    • Active social media accounts
    • Branded Google searches

If home services contractors can get these signals right, it won’t just be Google who trusts their business more—homeowners will, too!

Want to earn Google’s trust?

We can help! As a Google Premier Partner, Surefire Local can help you build trust with Google by making sure your website has what it needs to rank high locally. To learn more, download our FREE digital marketing guide, ‘Simple SEO: How to Build Trust with Google’!

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