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Google Local Service Ads Now Display Photos?



Home Contractor Local Service Ads by Google

Have you noticed a change in Google’s Local Service ads appearing in your local area? For some, they have started allowing photos to accompany the ad.

Currently, there are 6 categories for photos:

  • Cover
  • Logo
  • Projects
  • Workplace
  • Equipment & Vehicles
  • Team

For now, at least, photos do not factor into Google’s algorithm ranking but can prove useful for consumer interaction by catching their attention. Here is the Google Ads article specific to photos:

Google Local Service Ads for Home Improvement Contractors

Local Services by Google is an initiative on their part to simplify the process homeowners have to go through to hire a local home contractor. These newer ads give homeowners the ability to easily discover, connect with, and hire with complete confidence.

Local Service ads get priority placement in local search results and Google as adopted a cost-per-lead business model…meaning your business only pays for the leads that actually convert, not just clicks which is huge!

Google is constantly expanding the verticals and markets in which Local Service ads are available in. Since Surefire Local is one of 50 Google Premier Partners in the country, we work closely with Google’s team and can help you through the verification process, even before these ads come to your market so you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. We’ll also get a head’s up for when they do become available in new markets and can work with you accordingly to get started.

Are you interested in learning more about Google’s game-changing Local Service ads? Fill out the form below to request a consultation and we can tell you whether or not Local Service ads are available in your market and how to get started.


You can also download the Home Contractor Guide to Google Local Service Ads which is available to you at no cost!

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