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Why Local Businesses Should Use Facebook Advertising



To promote content on Facebook or to not promote content on Facebook. That is the question on every business’s mind.

No matter your goal – raise brand awareness, drive website traffic, earn customer loyalty, increase sales, and so on – when it comes to social media, Facebook offers the greatest potential to achieve those goals.

But there’s a catch. Organic reach on Facebook is nearly nonexistent, meaning out of everyone who Likes your business’s Facebook page, the majority of them will never see the content you share. That’s because every 60 seconds, there are 510,000 comments posted, 293,000 status updates, and 136,000 photos uploaded to Facebook. Only those who have opted in to your view content first will consistently see your content.

As a result of everything I just mentioned, Facebook Advertising has become the way businesses are making their impact. According to BrandWatch, 75% of brands pay to promote their content in some shape or form.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Reach a larger audience

Facebook is simply too huge to ignore. People are spending more and more time on social media, specifically Facebook. Facebook Ads open the opportunity to find potential customers you never would’ve known about otherwise. You’ll want to be careful to not make your audience too broad though that your ad doesn’t register with those viewing it.

Reach the right audience

Facebook advertising is a lot more targeted than you may think. While a large audience has its benefits, you’ll want your audience to be more targeted for optimum results. With Facebook ads, you can be sure your content is being seen by the right people, down to the demographics, income, interests, job titles, etc. You have the ability to target exactly who sees your ad. You can build an audience that matches your ideal prospect and serve your ads to them.

Increase brand awareness

Like I mentioned earlier, the competition to get noticed organically is fierce. Facebook is home to billions of engaged, active users that check their newsfeed multiple times per day. This gives you a preferred audience that gets repeated exposure to your ads. If they’re not clicking through upon the first or second viewing, it’s okay. You’re still building that brand awareness we all covet. It usually takes a handful of times for someone to view an ad before they click. Your ad’s continued visibility helps you build trust and also creates opportunities for retargeting later down the road.

The pros outweigh the cost

Facebook ads can be a powerful asset when done right, but that can come with a cost, especially when you’re targeting a large community on a national scale. I’ve even seen where Facebook will charge you more per click to serve an ad to your current fans than the same exact ad served to nonfans. You can set your daily or lifetime budget anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on your strategy and objectives.

Steve Eastlack

Steven is a Content Marketing Strategist for Surefire Local. With degrees in Marketing Management and Psychology from Virginia Tech, he works on both content marketing and social media for Surefire Local and it’s Advanced Social Media Clients. Through the use of developing a content strategy, writing monthly editorial calendars and content, and performance reports, Steven helps to build audience and brand awareness for Surefire and it’s clients across all digital platforms.

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