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On July 7th, Surefire Local Coach Bob Sheehan, ran through a live webinar where he showed our current clients the new local marketing platform that they will all be receiving: SurePulse™. SurePulse™ was released on July 7th to provide businesses easy access to their content publishing, online marketing, directory listings and marketing analytics all in one dashboard.

We’d like to share with you the webinar recording that shows “Coach Bob” giving a presentation of all the bells and whistles of SurePulse™ as well as an inside-look to what clients will be receiving.


If you are interested in the SurePulse™ platform, we encourage you to visit the SurePulse™ page and request a demo! SurePulse™ also comes free with any of our marketing service packages. Don’t miss out on one of the most exclusive, and unique dashboards in the local business sector.

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Jon Andrews

Jon Andrews joined Surefire Local as a Social Media Analyst in February of 2015. With a degree in Computational Science and concentrated studies in Business Administration, Jon brings 4 years of direct and indirect marketing experience to the team where he has exemplified his efforts in sales, and also as a previous Social & Digital Marketing Manager for Redport Information Assurance, a small-business IT services firm outside of the Metro DC area.

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