How to Apply LinkedIn Paid Media to Your Business

Although Facebook and Twitter receive a significant amount of media attention, local marketing experts agree that LinkedIn can be just as powerful for businesses that want to advertise online. Because LinkedIn has maintained a reputation for professionalism, users are often more receptive to the messages they receive on the social media platform.

With 150 million users, LinkedIn advertising can boost sales for business-to-business marketers—but only if you make wise marketing decisions.

iStock_000016830555_MediumCreate Your LinkedIn Ad

Fortunately for small businesses, LinkedIn’s ad creation platform is one of the easiest to use, and you can get started for a minimum of $10 a day. Nevertheless, it’s still important for you to take your time as you go through the process of creating your ad and selecting your target audience.

LinkedIn walks you through the process of providing a web URL for your ad (either an external link or your company’s LinkedIn page), a headline, your ad copy, and an ad image. Keep in mind that because LinkedIn limits ad images to 50 x 50 pixels, you’ll need to rely on the strength of your ad copy, rather than the image, to grab your audience’s attention. Still, the image must complement your ad copy.

The ad copy itself has to be shorter than 75 characters, which means that it’s critical for business owners to deliver a clear call to action. 

Choose Your Audience

After the process of creating your ad is complete, you’ll have to decide which LinkedIn members will see your ad. LinkedIn enables you to target your ad audience by geography, the company they work for, their job title, a group they belong to, their gender, or by age.

Especially for businesses that are just getting started with LinkedIn advertising, it may be best to target people who belong to trade associations that relate to your business. Chances are, they’re already interested in your industry because they were engaged enough to join the group.

Targeting by job title, on the other hand, may not be the best choice. As most people in the business world know, it can be difficult to track down the person responsible for purchasing office supplies, for instance. Depending on the company, that person could be the Executive Assistant to the President, the Office Manager, the Procurement Officer, or a host of other titles.

Test and Monitor Your Ads

When it comes to advertising on LinkedIn, the standard rules of local internet marketing apply. It always pays to test ads before you run them and monitor their performance. Once you get started, you can easily make adjustments to your ad content and targeting.

Alexandra Reichenbach

By Alexandra Reichenbach | 4 years ago |

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