Rich Pins Take Pinterest to a New Level

Person Using PinterestAlthough Pinterest started out as another image gallery website, it has transformed into much more. It’s now a major player in the  influential, unpredictable world of social media with continued growth expected on the horizon. Pinterest is also proving itself as a critical local social media marketing tool, allowing businesses who capitalize on this resource to reach new heights.

When it comes to commercial users, Pinterest is living up to the hype. It recently elevated its game with the introduction of Rich Pins, which are now used by the top retail companies. Although, as of now, only larger companies are leading the way when it comes to Rich Pins, small businesses may want to get in on the Rich Pin action as well.

What Are Rich Pins?

Rich Pins, as the name suggests, are simply an enhanced version of Pinterest Pins. They enable users to learn a great deal of information about your company and your products. This additional information appears just below your photo, where users can find a description of your photo, plus your company location, the price of the item, and more. Currently there are five types of Rich Pins:

  • Place
  • Article
  • Recipe
  • Product
  • Film

Why Should My Small Business Use Rich Pins?

As local marketing experts, we know that small business owners are constantly pressed for time. Time is everything! Thankfully, Rich Pins are effective and easy to implement allowing you to allocate that precious time to other areas of your business.

Automatic Updates

One of our favorite features is the automatic updates. Say you use a Rich Pin to tell users about a new product that is available on your website. After a couple of weeks, you decide to lower the price. All that is required of you is to update the price on your website, and the Rich Pin will change automatically. There’s no additional work for busy small business owners!

Best of all, if you decide to drop your price by 10 percent or more, Pinterest will even send a free email notification to the people who have pinned your item.

More Relevant Information for Users

When more information is added to pins, users see more pins that are relevant to their interests and needs. Although there are not a lot of results based on hard data available yet, companies that have implemented Rich Pins, such as Target, have seen a tremendous traffic boost. Any significant increase in traffic is bound to lead the way to an increase in sales, too.

The additional information not only attracts more users to Pinterest, but it also helps to ensure that the people who are looking at your pins are more likely to buy your products.

Luckily, we just had a Webinar, “5 Pinterest Secrets that Get You Leads.”

Alexandra Reichenbach

By Alexandra Reichenbach | 4 years ago |

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