How Premarketing Can Improve Your Sales Conversions

At a fundamental level, the job of small business owners is to solve their customers’ problems, whether they need to have a cavity filled, repair a leaky roof, or find legal council. In some cases, you may have the solutions to your customers’ problems before they themselves even know they have a problem. This proactive approach to marketing translates easily to the web, where it is now possible to get into consumers’ heads, so to speak, as they’re trying to solve a particular problem.

SolutionFor several years, marketers have relied on remarketing as a primary way to reconnect with people who almost made a purchase but didn’t for whatever reason. The solution to this problem is simple: the business sends the customer an email or displays an ad for the product they almost bought, hoping that they will reconsider. But what if you could place ads directly in front of people who are in the market for your product?

As local internet marketing tactics become more complex, small businesses are trying to capture customers’ interest at earlier points in the buying cycle. It is no longer enough waiting until the buyer is almost ready to make a purchase. Marketers are now using a tactic called Premarketing to reach them while they’re still mulling a purchase over.

Beyond Segmentation

A few years ago, online marketers began placing consumers into segments based on their location, age, and interests. While this helps to deliver relevant ads to consumers, they may be viewing them at the wrong time. For instance, if your small business sells laptop cases, you’ll maximize your efforts by targeting people who are in the early stages of researching new laptops. That way, your brand will be at the top of your customers’ minds when it’s time for them to commit to a laptop and a bag.

Here’s another example. Say that you own a local home remodeling business. By targeting ads to people who are searching online for previously owned homes in your area, your efforts may be more likely to pay off. When customers eventually do purchase a home, they will likely decide to modify or renovate areas of their home to better suit their lifestyle.

How Premarketing Can Work for Small Business Owners

Businesses that are interested in implementing a Premarketing strategy of their own may want to start by thinking through their customers’ thought process. Begin with a few simple questions to get the ball rolling: Before they come to your business for products or services, what does the average consumer do? Do they research another product? Check online reviews? Once you figure out the typical entry points for customers, it will be easier for you to determine your best options for advertising and when to strategically target them.

As always, you can turn to local marketing experts for help with your marketing campaign.

Brian Seskin

Brian is a senior media & marketing executive with 15 years in digital and an extensive background in traditional direct marketing channels. Prior to joining Surefire Local, he was VP of Digital Marketing for iVillage Networks at NBCUniveral where he headed up paid media, SEO, CRM, and customer acquisition programs. Brian brings an in-depth knowledge of the strategic, technical and creative aspects of internet marketing.

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