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You just got another email from a potential client asking if you’re available. The truth is, you’re not. But after coming off a dry spell last season, you don’t feel like you can turn down the work. So you guess you’ll just power through every night and weekend for the next eight weeks to get it all done. You’re months behind on your blog and social media calendar, but you’ll catch up when the client work is done. Ironic, isn’t it? You spend your job telling them about how valuable digital marketing is, but you never seem to have time to do it for yourself.

So, we looked at all this and said:

  • What if you could save hours each week by getting a holistic view of all your clients’ marketing activity in one place?
  • What if you could benchmark your clients’ performance against others in their industry and show them where they stand?
  • What if you could devote more of your time to marketing and growing your own business, versus just staying on top of client work?
  • What if you had more metrics to prove your value to your clients, support your decisions, and improve your practice?

Surefire Local is the online marketing solution that works as hard as you do
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  • Get a clear look into the ROI your marketing efforts are bringing to each client’s business
  • Easily measure your cost-per-lead, see how it compares, and learn what you can do to improve it
  • Make better use of analytics like website traffic by benchmarking them against industry averages
  • Discover what works, develop new best practices, and apply them to your other clients

Do More

  • Captain all your clients’ marketing activities – from their websites to Facebook to Yext and dozens of other accounts – with just one login
  • Make your marketing efforts work harder – by optimizing your clients’ websites faster, standing up automated drip campaigns, ensuring you’re investing in the right keywords, and more
  • Leverage the insights and best practices we’ve uncovered from working with hundreds of clients like yours

Get More Help

  • Instead of dialing a different tech support line for every online tool you use, just contact us instead – and you’ll actually get to talk to a real human
  • Take advantage of the new whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, and more being created by our in-house marketing experts every week
  • In a field that changes every day, get help staying on top of the trends and what they mean for your clients

Have a partner you can lean on. Become a better marketer. And grow your clients’ businesses and yours without growing your overhead.

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