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How hard can this be? All you have to do is get 900 small business owners to successfully market their location without breaking your brand guidelines. Just getting some of them to log in to Facebook is an achievement on its own. Others are going rogue with their own … “creative” campaigns. And others want to know why they’re spending money on marketing each month and not seeing any results. Right when you get off the phone with a franchisee in Who-Knows-Where, your CEO walks in wanting to see some quick numbers on how search is performing across the board. And, by the way, she recently read about some new digital marketing tool, and she wants to hear your thoughts over lunch. You think to yourself that you’ll catch up on the 10,000 new marketing tools that came out last week as soon as you check your voicemail and answer the 564 unopened emails in your inbox.

So, we looked at all this and said:

  • What if you had a dedicated digital marketing consultant to keep you up to date on the latest trends and what they mean for your company?
  • What if you could implement better consistency across your brand, getting business owners to engage with the right tools, under the right guidelines, at the right time?
  • What if you could measure marketing effectiveness at each location, and demonstrate ROI to both the business owners and your CEO?
  • What if you could do all this from one platform – not fifteen that were never meant to scale to your company’s size?

Surefire Local is the online marketing solution that works as hard as you do
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See More

  • Get visibility into marketing activities across all locations – and the leads each one is returning
  • Benchmark locations against the company or regional average to learn what’s working and what isn’t
  • Share best practices across locations and improve marketing effectiveness across the company

Do More

  • Give your local business owners a single login from which to captain all their marketing activities – from their website to Facebook to Yext and dozens more
  • Make it easy for them to stand up search-optimized websites, Google AdWords campaigns, social media accounts, sophisticated drip campaigns, and more
  • Stay in control of the corporate brand and keep everyone working from the same playbook while giving your owners the freedom to run their businesses

Get More Help

  • Consult one-on-one with a digital marketing expert who knows your industry inside and out
  • Stay abreast of the latest new marketing tools and how they affect your company … without getting buried in research or hearing about something from your CEO first
  • Give business owners a centralized place to seek help when they have issues with their digital marketing accounts – besides your personal cell phone number

With a partner and a platform working as hard as you do, you produce more leads at every location across your company. Finally, everyone’s happy: the business owners, the CEO, and you.

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