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Your last employee walks out the door, but you stay back and brew a new pot of coffee. Because in your world, 7:00 p.m. is marketing time. Write a blog post. Email those folks you met at the event last week. Post to Facebook and Twitter. Respond to new Yelp reviews. You’re going over your to-do list and wondering where in the world to start, when an email comes in from an entrepreneur friend. “Check out this new marketing tool called UpNext,” it says. What’s UpNext? So you add another to-do: Research UpNext. As you open your browser, an ominous thought crosses your mind: How much of this is really worth the effort?

So, we looked at all this and said:

  • What if you knew exactly where to spend your precious marketing dollars … because you could see which ones were being wasted and which ones weren’t?
  • What if you could complete all your marketing tasks from one easy-to-use platform, and even automate some of those tasks to save time?
  • What if you had an expert marketing advisor who could tell you which new tools were worth paying attention to and which you could safely ignore?
  • What if you knew all these efforts were going to pay off … not just by bringing more visitors to your website, but by bringing actual customers through your door?

Surefire Local is the online marketing solution that works as hard as you do
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  • Manage and monitor everything from one easy-to-use dashboard
  • Get a clear look into what you’re spending, where it’s going, and how much business it’s bringing back
  • Check the ROI on each activity – from Google AdWords to direct mail postcards – so you always know what’s working

Do More

  • Captain all your marketing activities – from your website to Facebook to Yext – with just one login
  • Make sure you’re in all the places you need to be – without wasting time on platforms that don’t work for you
  • Get everything working harder. For example, we’ll optimize your website for search and make sure you’re investing ad spend in the right keywords
  • Even get text notifications when a new lead comes in and follow up from your smartphone

Get More Help

  • Learn from people who know what they’re doing – marketing veterans who know your industry inside and out
  • Understand what each new technology means for your business
  • Hone your skills with access to whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, and more

With all this, you can finally focus your marketing efforts and make getting found online a sure thing.

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