The secret to a successful local web presence, is creating a consistent experience for your customers across the different platforms that they use. You can manage this experience with Surefire Local Marketing Cloud monitoring tools.

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Monitor and respond to reviews


Control how customers see your business & moderate the conversation

Leverage all your customer experiences.

Now you can see reviews the moment they’re posted and show off your customer service chops addressing unhappy customers (if any) when it matters most – now.

You’re in business because you have happy customers. Motivate them to add their voices in the form of reviews. When they post a positive review, amplify it across your web presence, and show your appreciation. A little thank you goes a long way to turning your happy customers into your advocates.

How is your business appearing on the web

Secure a spot in top local listings so customers can easily find you

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines prioritize businesses in it’s search results pages that have consistent information across directories. This means your phone number, mailing address, hours, etc. need to be the same everywhere your business is listed.

If your business listings are inconsistent you may be losing business, or worse, you may be making if difficult for customers to even get in touch.

Surefire Local Marketing Cloud confirms your business is listed consistently across the web, in the top directories, and on social media. Learn what words customers use when they talk about your business, and turn them into keywords in your website copy.


Where are your customers coming from


Customer journey matters

How do customers end up on your website?

Are customers finding you by directly searching for your business name. Or maybe other sites are directing traffic to your site. Using Surefire Local Marketing Cloud find out the path that lead your customers to your business using Search Engine Optimization, lead conversion etc.

Understanding your customers

Get more leads, by understanding customer behavior

The customer journey today is more complex than ever. Customers find your business through an array of online activities and reach out to you based on their experiences.

Businesses can get the upper hand by knowing not only how customers find them, but what pages on their website people visit the most, what they click on, what forms they fill, and so on.

Using just a few dashboards you can see what activities and channels are getting you customers, so you identify the best paths to getting online leads, and optimize them.