We’ve taken out the complexity out of measuring your lead generation activities, and replaced it with the ultimate flexibility. Get a top-level view of all your marketing activities or hone into specific areas. Make informed decisions with data, and use insights to drive more leads and see how your marketing is working. Your view is up to you.

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Measure your reputation


See how customers see you

When a customer looks for your services, you need to be sure they can find you, and that when they do, your business looks it’s best.

Get an overview of your entire online reputation: see how many reviews you have and the average rating, drill down into specific reviews, get a score for your business listings and more. You can even see common threads of conversation about your business to proactively make changes.

Measuring Lead Performance

Reliable insights

With all of the places on your website for customers to reach out, how do you assess what is working?

Use Surefire Local Marketing Cloud dashboards to find out which forms and conversion tools on your website are getting your customers to take action, ask for more information, and request quotes.


Measuring your ROI


From savings to earnings

With visibility into your cost per lead for each online activity, you can make smarter decisions and even smarter investments. Measure the cost of your marketing campaigns against performance, so you can invest more in what works to drive even more leads for your business.