If you want leads without the wait, you’re in good hands.

Get started fast with Google AdWords and take advantage of the easiest way of generating, managing, and converting leads for your business! No website required. Convert visitors into customers with a localized landing page designed and optimized for your business.

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Drive Leads with Local Search Ads


Reach Local Customers

The area you serve is brimming with new customer opportunities. In fact, many prospects are looking for your services online right now. You can drive them to your business the moment they need you with targeted Google Advertising. Connect with customers in immediate radius of your business and pay only for the leads who convert.

Automate Your Follow-up

Warm Up Your Leads & Close the Deal

Your new hot leads have arrived, what now? To take your leads across the finish line you need to follow up quickly and establish the value of your services. With Surefire Local Marketing Cloud you can send automated, personalized emails to new leads the moment they convert. When a lead opens or clicks on an email from a follow-up campaign you’ll receive a notification and at the end of the day, a daily digest of email engagement will be sent directly to you.


Manage Your Leads to Maximize Your Sales Opportunity

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Convert leads with an easy tool to manage them!

Is your marketing working? You have an quick way to find out with Surefire Local Marketing Cloud built-in reporting. Connect the dots to tie your marketing spend to your bottom line. Listen to new calls and track form fills right from your dashboard to gain valuable insights about your leads. Then increase your profitability by optimizing campaigns based on actual revenue rather than just cost per click or cost per lead.

On the road? No problem! An iOS or Android app is available to give you real-time alerts and manage leads on the go!