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if your marketing solution is bringing you a lot of clicks but not a lot of customers, how hard is it working?

Hardworking Platform

Yext. Yelp. Twitter. Hootsuite. Facebook. Google AdWords, Google reviews, Google maps, Google search. There are so many niche digital marketing providers these days that it can be overwhelming to keep track of which ones are worth engaging, what to post where, and who’s actually delivering a return on your investment.

So, we looked at this and said:

What if – you could manage your entire online presence from a single, unified platform?

What if – you could make staying on task simpler with scheduling and automation?

What if – you could actually see ROI metrics, so you knew what was working and what wasn’t?

What if – you could even benchmark your success against others?


Hardworking Services

You’ve been burned before by digital marketers with their big promises and shiny new tools. Then, after you forked over your credit card number, the humans all went away and you were yesterday’s news. You spent weeks staring at the technology and trying to make sense of it before finally canceling your credit card and vowing never to hire another marketing company again.

So, we looked at this and asked:

What if – instead of finding yourself all alone with an impressive but confusing new tech platform – you actually had someone to help you navigate it?

What if – instead of throwing darts to see what sticks, you could meet with a marketing expert whose job it was to help you develop a focused digital marketing plan?

What if – that plan weren’t based on one person’s opinion or the latest industry trend, but hard data gathered from hundreds of other companies like yours?


For every hardworking entrepreneur who would like their marketing to work at least half as hard as they do