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Home services businesses that use text messaging in their marketing and sales strategy see a 10 to 15% increase in appointment set rates.

Download Now: Text Message Communications 101 for Home Services Contractors - Surefire Local GuideDid you know, over 96% of text messages are read within 3 minutes? Compare this with the fact that only 14% of people listen to their voicemails and less than 20% open emails that are non-work-related, it’s easy to see why text messaging has become one of the most effective communication forms for home services contractors.

Download your Text Message Communications 101 guide to discover the 7 best practices to using SMS text messaging in your marketing and sales.

Some of the takeaways you’ll learn are:

  • Why your prospects and customers aren’t reading emails or listening to voicemails…and why they’ll pay attention to your text messages.
  • The basics of SMS text messaging for businesses
  • Expected results you can expect to see after implementing text messaging

Is it time you added the power of SMS text messaging to your marketing and sales processes? Doing so can help you build more meaningful relationships with your clients through improved customer experiences.

Text Message Communications 101