Surefire Local Stands Alone in the Local Marketing Space

Our mission has always been one about education. We respect all of the other companies in the digital marketing technology space like Scorpion, Socious Marketing, Marketing 360, Thryv, etc. While we have no doubt that you should be seeing success, are you seeing the type of success you could be having?

The customer journey has changed, dramatically, and so has the Internet. We believe that if anyone tells you that they can manage the entirety of your digital campaigns, they’re misleading you. It should no longer be about outsourcing your marketing to another company. It should be about using technology in a way that empowers you to tell your own story, putting you in control of your business’s online presence and marketing activities. Who else is better suited to tell your unique story than you? Who else is living and breathing your story every single day? The era of relying on an outsider to understand and tell your story is over.

That’s where the Surefire Local Marketing Platform comes into play. We’ve worked hard to build an all-in-one marketing platform that serves as a complete solution for small businesses. We give you actionable insights into your digital marketing spend so you can generate more leads and stop wasting money in underperforming programs. We believe we are best suited to help you tell your story in the following ways:

  • Our All-in-One Marketing Platform: Provides a view into all your digital efforts. We have partnered with leading directories, search engines, and social networks to integrate our software so you can easily launch and analyze your programs in a single, easy-to-use platform.
  • Digital Marketing Analytics: Puts you in control of your programs and can review performance when you need to. It’s a platform that’s available anytime, anywhere.
    Experienced Digital Marketing Experts: We have been building and optimizing programs for our clients since 2011, and specifically in the home services industry. We understand your unique challenges and have the tools to make you successful in your local market.
  • Our Unique Approach to Local Marketing: Our secret sauce if you will, appropriately categorizes your company by search engines, so that you are getting relevant and targeted traffic for the types of services you provide and in the areas you serve.

Digital Marketing Companies to Fit Your Business Goals

There isn’t just one digital marketing company out there for home services businesses to use. While it may be painful to screen a handful of companies, it’s important to find the right fit for your needs.


Scorpion provides full-service digital marketing solutions to a number of verticals. Specializing in law firms and healthcare providers, they have a great reputation for delivering leads to those customers. While Surefire specializes in the home services industry, Scorpion is just entering into the space.

Here are some key differences:

  • Does not use WordPress, the most popular, easy, and universal website content management system today
  • Scorpion owns your website
  • Only has review monitoring, users can’t request customer reviews through Scorpion technology
  • Can’t publish to your social sites, website, or google my business
  • Serves many verticals unrelated to the home services industry


Socius Marketing is a full-service search engine optimization company that specializes in organic search engine optimization, search-friendly web design, and affordable development. Focusing largely on content, they take pride in having a US based writing team that works closely with their clients during web development.

Here are some major differences:

  • Socius owns your website
  • Ad agency
  • Doesn’t have a platform to manage your digital marketing
  • Singular SEO strategy (add location pages only)


Thryv is a technology tool that allows you to run the everyday needs of a small business. While it’s not necessarily a digital marketing solution, customers find it runs like a “mini office manager”.

  • “One size fits all” program
  • Unable to request reviews from customers through Thryv technology
  • Serves many verticals unrelated to the home services industry

Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a full-service ad agency with a marketing platform suited for small and mid-sized businesses, serving a wide variety of industries.

  • Does not use WordPress, the most popular, easy, and universal website content management system today
  • Marketing 360 owns your website
  • Platform is not mobile friendly
  • Does not give users the ability to request customer reviews


Amazing advances in technology and the internet have created a vast, virtual world of marketing channels, review sites, directory listings, and social platforms. It has opened the door to tremendous opportunities, but created a huge management challenge, especially for small businesses trying to compete in their local markets.

Surefire Local was started as a way to help small businesses rank higher in search engines with cost-effective SEO, website design, and other digital services. Today, it’s an unbeatable marketing platform backed by expert marketing practitioners.

Surefire Local lets small business owners take control of their unique story and online presence. The Surefire Local Marketing Platform gives you the ability to see and strengthen all your digital marketing activities so you can generate more leads and stop wasting money on underperforming channels, software solutions that over-promise, or exorbitant agency fees.

See the Surefire Local Marketing Platform In Action