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Nothing but good news.

Brinley Naudain
Naudain Montessori Academy

Before our small non-profit business was introduced to Surefire Local (Previously Sequoia), we had a website that one of our employees had made. It was very nice, however we did not know anything about SEO and why our website wasn’t getting a lot of attention and why when people were Googling us we weren’t coming up. We then found Surefire Local (Previously Sequoia) who helped us reach the first search to pop up when typing in certain keywords to find our school. Now, when we ask our perspective families looking for information about the school how they found us, the answer is almost always “online”. If it wasn’t for Surefire Local (Previously Sequoia), we would not be where we are today.

JoAnne E. Marcocci

When I reached out to Surefire Local (Previously Sequoia) to facilitate our SEO (search engine optimization) campaign, I really wasn’t even sure what SEO meant. Its a term that was being used quite often and I knew that I needed to contact Surefire to learn more. After speaking with Jennifer at Surefire and getting a more in-depth explanation in regards to the SEO services Surefire offers I knew this was something we had to do. Out of curiosity, I did a Google search after my conversation with Jennifer. I was disappointed to find our company listing on the fourteenth page of my Google search. I ran my Google search about two weeks after and could not believe we were on the first page! I am completely confident that I am working with highly skilled individuals who seem to really enjoy their work and trust that Surefire was the best choice for our company!

Tammi L. Douglas

It has been a true pleasure to work with Jennifer and her team at Surefire Local (Previously Sequoia). From the very beginning the implementation of my business website has been seamless. Jennifer’s experience and knowledge of web design and marking is top notch and will allow me to have the same corporate presence as larger HVAC companies. Her systematic process made it easy to communicate. I appreciate that she listened to me and my questions as well as our desire to have customer friendly website navigation. I highly recommend Jennifer and her services to business owners. A call to Surefire and their team of professionals will help your business operate smarter not harder!

We work with a lot of different vendors in our day-to-day operations. There are only a few that I would recommend and feel confident that we would not receive negative feedback from it. In our industry we always get asked by our customers do you know a carpenter? Do you know a roofer? We rarely want to give out names because of course we know these people, but if they do bad work or don’t handle the customer correctly it looks bad on us. That being said I would highly recommend one of our venders to another Carrier dealer. I would recommend Jennifer and Surefire Local (Previously Sequoia) and not think twice about it. We are Carrier dealers and we were recommended by Carrier to go with Surefire and like most people we took Carrier’s recommendation.   Jennifer is our contact at Surefire Local (Previously Sequoia) and she is fantastic. We are always treated like we are the only customer she has. She always answers any question we have and solves any problem we have. She pays attention to the details and that is very important to us. Even a minor thing like changes in how Google looks at websites Jennifer brings it to our attention and we discuss the pros and cons of how it will affect us. Jennifer calls us back when she says she is going to and answers emails in a very timely fashion. We are a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor we don’t have time to monitor our daily operations on the internet! This is why we hired Surefire and they handle it and we don’t have to worry about it. Having a professional organization by your side and Jennifer we don’t worry about internet marketing, it is handled for us. I wish I could say the same thing about other aspects of our business.

Kyle Redford

I have been working with Brad Simonis of Surefire Local (formerly Sequoia IMS) for the past several years on our website and SEO marketing. Brad and his team have done an excellent job building our web site, and we consistently rank very highly on important keywords for our business. Working with Brad is made easy by his in-depth knowledgeable, responsive to our needs and always willing to work with our advertising agency. I can confidently recommend Brad Simonis and Surefire Local as an outstanding organization.

It is with much eagerness that I am writing to recommend the services of the Surefire Local (formerly Sequoia IMS). My company has been using Surefire Local (formerly Sequoia IMS) to build and maintain our website and related services for over six years, and we have always been completely satisfied with their performance, reliability and creativity. They do an excellent job, are always proactive, and offer competitive rates. We have used Surefire Local (formerly Sequoia IMS) to continuously build, maintain and update our web site. We also utilize their SEO services and they oversee and assist with our social media and other marketing venues. They seem to be reasonably priced, and are always promptly do exactly what we ask of them. I am happy to recommend the services of Surefire Local (formerly Sequoia IMS), as well as their individual staff members & representatives. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

We have been customers to Surefire Local (formerly Sequoia IMS) for many years, and I have never been disappointed. Our go to person Brad is always on top of everything! Whether it's making a change to our website or even him giving his thoughts on a change to our website. He always let's us know how our website/google searches are doing compared to previous months. Surefire Local is a great company if you are looking to expand your networking!