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4 Pro Tips to Increase Engagement on Facebook

We recently received this question from Jake, a remodeling contractor from Wisconsin. The biggest challenge I have is building a community and getting engagement on Facebook. Content creation has always been my specialty with photography, videography, post-editing software and Facebook Ads. I would love to hear your advice on the best content ratio to share? For example, …

By Steve Eastlack | 11 months ago |

2018 Marketing Resolution: Increase Ranking, Reputation, and Local Content

Happy New Year! What a start we’ve had to 2018. Many of us are toughing out the below zero degrees temperature. The Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day which saw Georgia and Oklahoma in a thrilling shootout and the very first overtime game in Rose Bowl history was one for the record books. This is …

By Steve Eastlack | 11 months ago |

Determining Digital Marketing ROI for Your Eye Care Practice

When asked how satisfied you are with your website and social media service provider, I will often hear, “They’re great,” or “Very satisfied.” But when I expand upon that question and ask, “What makes you satisfied that they’re doing a good job?” more than not I get a lot of blank stares and comments like, …

By Alan Glazier | 1 year ago |

4 Steps to Create the Ultimate Houzz Profile for Your Business

Surefire Local was recently joined by Lindsey Thudin, Industry Marketer at Houzz for a webinar on how home services professionals can get started and make the most of their time spent on Houzz. Did you know Houzz is one of the fastest growing online communities of homeowners? There are not only 40+ million homeowners, but …

By Steve Eastlack | 1 year ago |

Checklist: 8 Steps to Building The Perfect Website

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A Guide to Google My Business

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Good Reviews & How to Get 'Em

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Making Social Media Work for Your Local Business

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