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[Remodeling Mastery Podcast] Cash Crunch

Remodeling Mastery by Mark G. Richardson One of the elements that Mark talks about in his book, How Fit Is Your Business, is the cash flow and the ability to control the cash flow in your business. Your business, in general, is usually pretty predictable. Watching the cash flow is key for those within this …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 weeks ago |

Before You Jump into the Weekend…

When you’ve been wanting to work on your budgeting… Let us help you out. Next Thursday, August 9th at 4PM EST, we’ll be hosting a special chat with Bob Sheehan, Surefire Local’s SVP of Brand & Customer Advocacy. He’ll be walking you through the importance of having a budget and how you can start creating …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 weeks ago |

[Remodeling Mastery Podcast] Handling Objections from Homeowners

Remodeling Mastery by Mark G. Richardson In This Episode Mark discusses the reasons homeowners would have an objection during a home project and how you can handle them. They can cause a tremendous amount of time and can cause loss of money for the project if not handled properly. Most of the time, when a homeowner is …

By Michelle Lettmann | 4 weeks ago |

[Remodeling Mastery Podcast] Remodeling Cost Crisis

  Remodeling Mastery by Mark G. Richardson In this episode, Mark G. Richardson goes into the topic of remodeling cost crisis. He goes into his top tips for what you should deal when dealing with every project you’ve dealt with whether it was 5 years ago or today. You have to keep your cost of …

By Michelle Lettmann | 1 month ago |

What is Your Out Of the Office Message Marketing Strategy?

Wanted to share this video of a campaign from BURGER KING® Belgium. As part of the ad campaign, Burger King built a website so that people going away on vacation could give their colleagues or anyone receiving their Out of Office message a coupon for a free Oreo Shake or a burger. The video has gotten a lot …

By Shashi Bellamkonda | 1 month ago |

[On-Demand Webinar] Inside a Business Owner’s Mind…Secrets to Running Your Business by the Numbers

Find out how a simple change in mindset and culture can translate to great success for your business! You know better than most that managing your cash properly is key to your business’s success…statistics have shown that 82% of businesses that fail struggle with cash flow management. To take an in-depth look at the numbers …

By Steve Eastlack | 2 months ago |

[Remodeling Mastery Podcast] Next Steps

Remodeling Mastery by Mark G. Richardson In this episode Have you started to think about the next 10 years of your life? Where do you see yourself in your career? Take listen in as Mark shares his 7 tips to figuring out your next steps so you don’t find yourself falling behind. 7 tips to …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 months ago |

[Remodeling Mastery Podcast] Half Time For Your Business

Remodeling Mastery by Mark G. Richardson In this episode, Mark Richardson shares his expertise in managing “halftime.” As we’re six months into the year, it’s time to regroup and reflect on the strategies and goals you set out to accomplish this year. A strong finish requires a solid halftime evaluation. In This Episode Listen as …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 months ago |

Your Photos Can Help You Get More Customers!

I was reading an article about Google’s visual search, and I was wondering how this could be applicable to contractors and other small businesses. If you get back to the basics, the way people have been looking for information has changed over the past 20 years. 20 years ago, search engines just started. So it was …

By Shashi Bellamkonda | 2 months ago |

Becoming Innovative [Remodeling Mastery Podcast]

Remodeling Mastery by Mark G. Richardson In This Episode As a business owner and a home improvement contractor, it’s important to be innovative. In this episode, Mark G. Richardson shares ways on how you can think about innovation and get ahead of the competition. Today, more than ever before, it’s important that you are innovative. …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 months ago |

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