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[Remodeling Mastery] The Final Leg of 2018

Remodeling Mastery by Mark G. Richardson As we get closer to the end of the year, we start to think back to the beginning of 2018. Now is an important time to collect your thoughts and make sure you are still on track to completing your goals by the end of this year. Every plan …

By Michelle Lettmann | 3 weeks ago |

[Remodeling Mastery] Show Me The Money

Remodeling Mastery by Mark G. Richardson We’re at a point where unemployment is low, stock marketing is strong, the scarcity of new homes is becoming less. It is definitely creating a buzz for remodeling. Just because there is a lot more demand doesn’t mean money is going to be thrown at you. The cost of …

By Michelle Lettmann | 1 month ago |

[Live Workshop] Time Mastery with Mark G. Richardson

Mark G. Richardson’s Time Mastery Workshop – Live Webinar! Time is our most precious resource and you know full well how valuable time becomes when you’re managing a business. If you’ve ever found yourself stressed over not having enough time to accomplish all that you need to, this live workshop is for you. If you …

By Mark Richardson | 2 months ago |

[Content Newsletter] The perfect system for your business

The tools to building a successful standard operating procedure and sales process… Kyle Hoffman, Owner of Roofing and More, has the solutions for you. Join us next Thursday at 4PM EST for a conversation on getting started or perfecting what you already have in place when it comes to your SOP’s and sales presentation. You’ll …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 months ago |

[Remodeling Mastery Podcast] The Notion of When

Remodeling Mastery by Mark G. Richardson In this episode We tend to focus on more of the what, why and how, but we never really focus or ask questions on the when. Mark unveils questions that come along with the notion of when. When you understand the when a little bit better and weave it …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 months ago |

[Event] Mark G. Richardson’s Time Mastery Workshop

Join us on Friday, October 5th, 2018 from 8:00am to 11:30am EST in McLean, VA for an in-person event on Time Mastery. Take a listen in to a special message from Mark G. Richardson himself… This is more than just a workshop. You’ll be able to walk away with… An exclusive workbook to help build …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 months ago |

[Content Newsletter] Gain more hours in your day

When you’re wondering how your directory listing compares to others… Your business will thank you for listening in to this webinar. Next Thursday, September 20th at 4PM EST, we’ll be diving into all things voice search related with Director of Partner Marketing at Yext, Rev Ciancio. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep track …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 months ago |

What did the chatbot say to the customer?

Increasingly, homeowners are looking for the fastest way to get in touch with home pros. While phone calls can be a wellspring for quality leads, studies have shown that 53% of customers prefer to chat online, rather than call. If you haven’t added a chatbot to your website, a good reason to do so is the …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 months ago |

[Content Newsletter] Are you part of the conversation?

When you are looking to join a conversation… Nextdoor is where it’s happening. Join us next Thursday, September 13th at 4pm EST where we will be joined by Nextdoor’s, Meredith Harris. She will be sharing how your business can play an active role in the areas you serve, learn to simply set up your free …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 months ago |

[Remodeling Mastery] Get Your Business Aligned

Remodeling Mastery by Mark G. Richardson For your business to be successful, you need to be aligned and in sync with what’s going on around you. The level of alignment can be a little tricky. Some people might not be as attuned to the remodeling industry as you are. Mark shares 5 critical tips that …

By Michelle Lettmann | 2 months ago |

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