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Remodeling Mastery Episode 113: How Fit | 2019 Marketplace Predictions | Interview with Vince Nardo (President of Reborn Cabinets)



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In this episode:

(0:24) How Fit: What defines a fit business? It’s easy to tell what health fitness looks like and the factors that play a role, but what is less clear is what are the defining factors that determine whether or not a business is fit. This has been a topic Mark has talked about for the past 15 to 20 years, and he’s been crafting the process to serve as the ultimate guide to help you understand what is a fit business. Take a listen as Mark walks through the fitness criteria that’ll help you determine how capable your business is for long-term growth.

(17:13) What’s Happening with Kermit Baker: Mark welcomes back Kermit Baker (Chief Economist for the AIA and head of Harvard’s Remodeling Futures Program) for another thought-provoking discussion on 2019 predictions and what he believes will be beneficial in the marketplace for home improvement contractors. They dive into economic factors like increases in interest rates, wages, and material prices caused by new tariffs and trade wars threatening to emerge and how that is influencing the way homeowners think about their home projects.

(24:03) Interview with Remodeling Thought Leader, Vince Nardo: Vince is the President of Reborn Cabinets, a large kitchen and bath focused remodeling organization. They go back in time to when Reborn Cabinets first started and Vince talks through how they grew into the organization they are today, the paths he took, and how their family dynamic defines their business. One of the biggest lessons from Vince’s story is learning how to run a “family with a business” dynamic.

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In 2019, Mark G. Richardson is taking his popular podcast series to the next level with a fresh new format in store for listeners. Mark will be integrating interviews with thought leaders who have experienced tremendous success in the industry and growing their own businesses to share snippets of wisdom to help you achieve the same. Additionally, Mark is bringing in some experts to share key indicators that they’re seeing out there in the marketplace that could have a monumental impact on your business.

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