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Connecting Google Local Services Ads with Your Google Ads Strategy

Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) are a new way for your business to stand out from the competition. They also work very well at helping to level up your current Google Ads strategy. This isn’t a situation where you want to choose one or the other, however. Rather, you want to incorporate a wide range …

By Steve Eastlack | June 17th, 2019 |

The Scoop on Industry Competition

Welcome to the scoop, where Surefire spills entertaining news and cures your digital marketing blues. Check back every other week to get the latest. Inspiration “Time is what we want most but use worst” – William Penn Everyone wants more time in the day…but maybe we should realize that we could use our time better. …

By Amanda Hernandez | June 14th, 2019 |

Proven Tips for Setting Up Your Google Local Services Ads Campaigns and Strategy

There are more than a few ways to drive visibility for your business in Google Search. It’s always important to be ranked well for organic results, which comes from building a website that’s naturally attractive to Google (SEO, geo-signals, consistent information, etc.). However, organic visibility can only get you so far. That’s where other channels …

By Steve Eastlack | June 13th, 2019 |

Google My Business Workshop & Summer 2019 Updates [Video]

Google My Business is an easy way to make your business more discoverable in your local market across Google Search & Maps…resulting in higher quality leads contacting your home services business. With Google constantly updating the features and capabilities your business can take advantage of, we put together this online training to help walk you …

By Steve Eastlack | June 13th, 2019 |

What is Google Local Services Ads & Why Should Home Services Business Take Notice?

According to a recent report, more than 74 percent of consumers use Google as their first option for finding information. This number has even likely gone up in the time since I’ve written this sentence! What this means for local businesses in the home services industry is that reaching homeowners in today’s marketplace simply cannot …

By Steve Eastlack | June 11th, 2019 |

Remodeling Mastery Episode 123: Tailwinds | Thought Leader Interview with Mark McClanahan

Thank you for listening to Remodeling Mastery! Become one of our 50,000 listeners by subscribing today—just search for ‘Remodeling Mastery’ on your podcast app of choice. (1:06) In This Episode: Tailwinds How do you know if your remodeling business’s health is a product of your efforts or of current headwinds and tailwinds? Are you really …

By Steve Eastlack | June 7th, 2019 |

How to Market Your Local Business After a Storm Event [Video]

Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Hailstorms. Thunderstorms. To homeowners, these extreme weather events are a source of dread. For those in the home contractor industry, however, they mean more work. With the potential influx of out-of-town contractors, it can be a challenge for a local company to help homeowners find you first. Each contractor is looking to help …

By Steve Eastlack | June 6th, 2019 |

5 Things a Busy Contractor Can Do Now to Win More Lifetime Customers [Video]

Marketing your business online today has taken all shapes and sizes. Being able to adjust quickly is a surefire way to drive a higher ROI and win against your competitors. The key lies in being able to take action and control your business story across all marketing channels in an efficient and cost-effective manner. But …

By Steve Eastlack | June 6th, 2019 |

Surefire Local Podcast: Thought Leader Interview with Thomas Basch, National Account Executive at HOVER

Thanks for listening to the Surefire Local podcast! Here at Surefire, we’ve had the unique opportunity to talk with hundreds of successful business owners in the home services space, not to mention work closely with inspiring thought leaders in digital marketing and tech. This podcast is one of the ways we’re giving back to that …

By Steve Eastlack | June 4th, 2019 |

Assistance from Assistants — Local Business Get Ready to Accept Calls from Google Assistant

This article was originally published by LSAInsider In May of 2018, Google announced a new voice technology that helps consumers call a business called Google Duplex. I have been an enthusiast of Google devices and an ardent fan of Google Fi (Google’s MVNO — cell phone service) and my Google Pixel phone. For the past few months …

By Shashi Bellamkonda | May 31st, 2019 |

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