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How to Up Your Marketing Game in 2019



The year is drawing to a close—and fast! If you’re one of the many home improvement contractors who want to step up their game in 2019, it’s time to figure out how to position yourself for success.

Step 1. Review and correct mistakes you made in 2018.

Every business owner makes mistakes. Every successful business owner learns from those mistakes. You may be intimately familiar with some of the marketing blunders listed below. It’s okay, you’re not alone! Here’s how to fix them:

  • You don’t know your numbers. Start tracking NOW.
  • You have the wrong marketing attitude. Make a habit of dropping what isn’t working.
  • You have no clear differentiator. Make your differentiator/s client-centric.
  • You have no marketing strategy. Build next year’s strategy around where you are (your numbers) and where you want your business to go (your targets).
  • Your marketing is boring/predictable. Speak to what your prospects care about.
  • Your calls to action aren’t logical. Go deeper into the consideration funnel.
  • You aren’t deep enough in digital. Expand your digital footprint.
  • You don’t nurture your leads. Follow up (retarget) the people who have already contacted you.
  • You haven’t flipped your funnel. Stay in touch with and leverage past clients.
  • Marketing isn’t your strength. Work with a marketing professional.

Step 2. Create a smart marketing plan for 2019.

A smart marketing plan is one that:

  • Is based on real numbers,
  • Creates an expansive online presence for your business, and
  • Drives down your cost per lead or cost per acquisition.

If you want to learn how to build a marketing budget that works, check out these tips!

Need help developing next year’s marketing plan?

Surefire is gearing up to help you do just that! Talk to one of our marketing experts to learn how to generate more high-quality leads, keep your sales pipeline full and turn a higher profit. We’re excited to help you close out the year strong and plan for an even better 2019! Call 571.327.3391 today or email

Steve Eastlack

Steven is a Content Marketing Strategist for Surefire Local. With degrees in Marketing Management and Psychology from Virginia Tech, he works on both content marketing and social media for Surefire Local and it’s Advanced Social Media Clients. Through the use of developing a content strategy, writing monthly editorial calendars and content, and performance reports, Steven helps to build audience and brand awareness for Surefire and it’s clients across all digital platforms.

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