Surefire Local Customer Locations Data Now Part of Amazon’s Alexa

Exciting news! As artificial intelligence and voice search are rapidly changing how people search for information, the tens of millions of those who ask Alexa questions can now get authoritative answers from you and your business!

Do you have a Smart Speaker at your home or office? By 2020, it’s estimated that more than 90 million people in the U.S. will be using voice-activated devices. eMarketer reports that the smart speaker market is growing at a rate of 47%, which is faster than any technology product other than the smartphone.

Consumers using Amazon Alexa for voice search can receive the most up-to-date information about Surefire Local Customers—including locations, contact details, hours of operation, and more. Beginning on Tuesday, 7/31, Amazon Alexa listing will be available to businesses using the Surefire Local Marketing Cloud dashboard. Surefire Cloud users will be able to edit and control the answers Alexa provides about their businesses by providing the latest information about their company. In addition to smart speakers, the listings will also appear on screens like the Amazon Echo Show.

Today, two-thirds of the voice-activated device market is occupied by Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home devices. Unlike smartphones, which are operated by a single user, Alexa and Google Homes may be used by multiple people within the household or office setting. According to a study by PwC, over 57% of the voice assistant users search for something that they would normally type into a search engine.

Our Digital Marketing Experts can also show you how to get your business into the Google Assistant. Give us a call at 888-804-8685 or email marketing@surefirelocal.com to schedule a demo today!

Shashi Bellamkonda, Speaker and Digital Marketing Expert, is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Surefire Local – Bellamkonda is also the Adjunct faculty member of Georgetown University. Shashi is passionate about helping small business and has spoken on Small Business and social media tools at conferences like SXSW, IABC, PRSA, Mid-Atlantic Summit, MarketingProfs and Affiliate Summit.

Shashi was honored with the Washington Business Journal’s Washington Minority Business Leader award. He was previously featured in Washingtonian’s Top 100 Tech Titans list in the Community and Thought leadership category of the Washington Tech Titans list and the Washington Business Journal called him the Social Listener.He has co-authored chapters in two books also been featured in 15 Books on marketing and social media.

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