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Making the Most of the New Gmail

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The New Gmail is Here

As you may have heard of by now, Gmail released a new update last week. The look is very similar, but there are some new features that grabbed the attentions of many users. From interface changes to customization and control, the new Gmail has a lot of great potential.

I went through and picked out my favorite things about it. The first one is the ability to click on attachments without having to open up the email. It makes it quick and easy to see something if you are in a time crunch. Gone are the days of having to scroll to the bottom of an email to retrieve what you need.

Another favorite, is being able to minimize the left sidebar. Who knew that this could make a huge difference? It gives you so much more room for your emails to spread out and stretch. If you like it more compact that’s perfectly fine too. That’s the beauty of being able to go back and forth.

The snooze button is now a thing you can do with your emails and not just your alarm clock that goes off every morning. Organize your emails so they aren’t piling up on you throughout the day. Set to see them an hour, five hours, or a day later to keep your emails top of mind.

Have I convinced you yet to switch over to the new Gmail? If yes, then welcome aboard! There are so many other features that are waiting for you to explore. If not, no worries. You can switch back to the old Gmail still for the time being. Let us know what you think after you’ve given it a try!

Michelle Lettmann

Michelle is a Marketing Strategist here at Surefire Local. With a degree in Graphic Design from Cabrini University and over 5 years of experience in marketing she has developed a broad knowledge of both industries. From handling a wide variety of tasks to winning matches out on the tennis courts, Michelle can do it all.

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