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[WEBINAR] Mark Richardson’s 10-Point Fit to Grow Workshop

Webinar: Mark Richardson’s 10-Point Fit to Grow Workshop Is your business fit to grow? Start by asking yourself, What is your definition of growth and where will it take your business? Join Mark Richardson—Author, Keynote Speaker, and Advisor—as he reviews: Defining Business Growth 7 Business Owner motivations that drive growth Why some businesses succeed while others fail A …

By Steve Eastlack | May 31st, 2017 |

6 Ways to Optimize Yelp with the Surefire Local Marketing Cloud

As a business owner, it’s imperative you know how your business appears to potential customers searching for you online. As an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, I always recommend to my business owner and marketing professional students to do this at least once or twice per month.It’s simple. Start by going to Google and searching …

By Shashi Bellamkonda | May 31st, 2017 |

[PODCAST] Mark Richardson’s Guide to Roofing Mastery Success

Calling all roofers! In this special edition podcast, Mark Richardson—Author, Keynote Speaker, and Advisor—will focus in on 3 important questions for those in the roofing industry. Why Roofing? Unique advantages that differentiate the roofing industry. Keys to Success? Fundamental principles that dictate success. How to Grow? Methods that will empower you to take your roofing …

By Steve Eastlack | May 31st, 2017 |

[WEBINAR] The Local Marketing Challenge: Proving ROI with the Surefire Cloud

Webinar: The Local Marketing Challenge: Proving ROI with the Surefire Cloud Good news! You can now watch this webinar on demand. Business Owners: It’s time to get perspective on how your marketing is really working. Collecting and understanding data from multiple tools can be overwhelming. Imagine creating and controlling your digital marketing strategy with a …

By Steve Eastlack | May 30th, 2017 |

AI and Your Roofing Customer’s Journey

New technologies like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning tools can help business owners sift through massive data pools and micro-messages that your potential customers react to across your online presence (from directory listings and social media to your website) and help move prospects down the sales pipeline to convert into new customers. …

By Steve Eastlack | May 30th, 2017 |

[VIDEO] The Rise of Millennials & Selling to Them on Houzz

Millennials love to DIY!…with the help from professionals like yourself. Listen to an insightful discussion on: The new-age thinking Millennials use when buying & renovating their homes and how this impacts you How Millennials use the Internet and the steps they’ll take to contact your business How to build credibility with this booming generation Creating …

By Steve Eastlack | May 30th, 2017 |

Is Your Family-Owned Business Driving Employees Away?

Operating a family-owned business brings unique rewards, such as being able to work with the people you care about most and passing on the results of your hard work to the next generation. But for non-family employees, working at a family-owned business isn’t always so rewarding. Here are seven warning signs your family-owned business could …

By Rieva Lesonsky | May 30th, 2017 |

[VIDEO] Understanding SEO and What a Great Website Looks Like

You already have all the necessary information on how to increase your ranking in Google search waiting for you at your fingertips. The catch is knowing where and what to look for. Armed with this information, Bob will help you take the next step to action by discussing how to: Do local SEO right Leverage …

By Steve Eastlack | May 25th, 2017 |

Secrets to Keeping Millennial Construction Workers Happy

Millennials (aged 17 to 35) have become the largest generation in America’s workforce. But in the construction trades, things look a bit different. According to a HomeAdvisor survey, 78 percent of skilled laborers are between 35 and 64 years old. Managerial, supervisory and equipment operator jobs are particularly dominated by older workers. As the construction …

By Rieva Lesonsky | May 24th, 2017 |

[PODCAST] Is Your Business Fit to Grow?

In This Episode How fit is your business? In this episode, Mark Richardson walks you through the key elements to establishing a strong foundation that’ll enable you to grow a sustainable business. Resources Gauge the current status of the remodeling industry in Mark Richardson’s 2017 State of the Union Address.  Avoid these common leadership mistakes as you …

By Steve Eastlack | May 23rd, 2017 |

Checklist: 8 Steps to Building The Perfect Website

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