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[Save the Dates] Exciting February Webinars Ahead: Reviews, Growth Strategies & Building Your Business Online

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From getting more reviews to determining how to build your business online and effective growth strategies, we have your digital marketing questions covered in February with a number of educational webinars. Determined to better your business and individual skill set? Join us at one or all – we look forward to seeing you online.

Have any burning questions for our experts? Send them to marketing@surefirelocal.com and we’ll answer them live during the webinar!

SurefireU Webinars On Demand

Webinar: On-Site Content for Off-Site Rankings & Reviews
Audience: Home Improvement Businesses

You understand the importance of customer reviews but how do you get them to write them? What drives consumers to share their experience and how does mobile play a part in all of this? We’ll share an action plan to help you get the right reviews at the right time. Insights on how consumers use reviews and why they write them.

In this webinar we’ll share:

  • The role of mobile in the online review process
  • An action plan for getting more reviews from customers
  • A helpful tool that allows you to request reviews on the job

Surefire Webinar: Building Your Business Online: Rent or Buy?

Webinar: Building Your Business Online: Rent or Buy?
Audience: Business Owners and Marketing Professionals

Today, there are many ways to go about building your business online. Here at Surefire Local, we strongly believe that your online presence is much more than just a website. Your website is a major part of your business’ overall digital footprint and serves as your home on the Internet where potential customers can read and learn about your business. Now this raises a question, should you own your website? Or should you rent your website? We asked our founder & CEO, Chris Marentis to share his thoughts and expertise during an educational webinar.

  • How to make your website appear more favorable for Google search results
  • Creating an online footprint to appear in all the places your prospects are searching for you
  • How online listing consistency and accuracy plays a role in getting leads
  • What constitutes a quality lead?
  • Understanding the different lead generation models: Pay per lead, organic, direct, and referral

Surefire Webinar: Performance Matters: Make Your Website Work for You

Webinar: Performance Matters: Make Your Website Work for You
Audience: Business Owners & Marketing Professionals

Everyone has visited and fled from a website that took too long to load. Do you know if your website is working for you? Your business reputation depends on it.

Surefire’s Technical Director, Scott Strite, is here with tips to make your website impress potential customers and generate more leads for all business owners and marketing pros. Join Scott to learn the following:

  • How web page performance influences success and new customer acquisition
  • Best practices for building a website that ranks high in online search
  • Mobile vs. Desktop and how to optimize your site for each
  • Tools for reviewing and measuring performance

Surefire Webinar: Mark Richardson's Growth Strategies for 2017

Webinar: Mark Richardson’s Growth Strategies for 2017
Audience: Home Improvement Businesses

Is your business primed and ready for success in the coming year? Join Mark Richardson—renowned author, speaker, and thought leader in the remodeling industry—to learn how best to get your business geared up and rolling towards success. Mark will discuss:

  • A look back at 2016 and how the remodeling industry performed
  • The mindset business owners should have to grow their company, with best practices to assist along the way
  • 5 critical success factors that’ll determine if your business is primed for growth in 2017

Surefire Webinar: 2017 Digital Trends for Eye Doctors

Webinar: 2017 Digital Trends for Eye Doctors
Audience: Health Care / Eye Doctors

From smart home devices to live video streaming and voice search, technology is radically changing the eye care industry. Join a panel of OD’s for a lively discussion on the top trends in technology that OD’s should have on their radar to better reach and connect with patients in their local areas.

  • Hot trends that are here to stay
  • How to tell your practice’s story utilizing the latest in technology
  • How to connect with and engage patients on their preferred digital channels

Steve Eastlack

Steven is a Content Marketing Strategist for Surefire Local. With degrees in Marketing Management and Psychology from Virginia Tech, he works on both content marketing and social media for Surefire Local and it’s Advanced Social Media Clients. Through the use of developing a content strategy, writing monthly editorial calendars and content, and performance reports, Steven helps to build audience and brand awareness for Surefire and it’s clients across all digital platforms.

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