Listen to 2016’s Best of Marketing for Eye Doctors Podcast





Listen to 2016’s Best of Marketing for Eye Doctors Podcast

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Listen to the Top 10 Marketing for Eye Doctors Podcasts of 2016

Marketing for Eye Doctors is a podcast series hosted by Dr. Alan Glazier where he shares his experience and advice to help other optometrists succeed in their digital marketing efforts and to help them grow their practice. He is the Founder & CEO of Shady Grove Vision and Eye Care. In 2015, Dr. Glazier was selected as one of the 50 most influential optometrists by his peers. He is a sought-after lecturer on clinical topics and author of several books and articles.

Listen to the Top 10 Marketing for Eye Doctors podcasts of 2016:

  1. Why Should Optometrists Invest in Marketing? [Listen now!]

What’s the big deal with marketing really? Well according to Dr. Glazier, “Investing in marketing is what will grow your practice. And, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.” The days of word-of-mouth-marketing are slowing drifting away, and in it’s place is word-of-mouse marketing, where patients go online to research their next eye doctor.

  1. Customer Service is Your Pathway to Marketing Success [Listen now!]

Exceeding expectations is the new way optometrists need to think about their customer service and serving patients in the best possible way. Dr. Glazier reflects on how his practice approaches customer service in today’s digital world.

  1. Capturing Success Stories and Testimonials: What Optometrists Should Do [Listen now!]

In today’s digital world, a business’s online reputation means everything. But how can you use those success stories and raving reviews to your advantage? Here’s a few tips on how to do just that.

  1.  Patient Profiles: How to Market to Millennials, Mothers, the “Engineers” & Retirees [Listen now!]

Who are your most common types of patients? For Dr. Glazier, it’s millennials, mothers, what he refers to as engineers, and retirees. In this podcast, he shares best practices on how best to market to each of these 4 types of patients.

  1. An Optometrist’s Guide to Winning Patients for Life [Listen now!]

Striving to win a patient for life is a really great marketing strategy. After all, a patient for life isn’t just one patient, but also a huge word-of-mouth- referrer, who spreads kind words about your practice to their friends and family. In this podcast, Dr. Glazier outlines his guide on how optometrists can win patients for life.

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  1. The Reasons Why The Last Patient Chose You! [Listen now!]

Congrats on the new patient! But do you know what you did exactly to get that new patient so that you can repeat it to get even more? Dr. Glazier discusses the most common reasons for why someone will choose a new eye doctor in this episode.

  1. Increase Your Local Web Presence with the R2P2 Principle [Listen now!]

No Dr. Glazier isn’t talking about Artoo from StarWars here. The R2P2 principle refers to Recency, Relevancy, Proximity and Prominence, and how eye doctors can use this principle to enhance their local online visibility to reach new patients.

  1. Men are from Mars, Patients are from… [Listen now!]

Ah the classic saying! Well sort of. Wondering how your practice can better attract and engage patients online? Dr. Glazier breaks it down in this podcast.

  1. Mapping the Patient Journey: 3 Pathways New Patients Take to Find You [Listen now!]

How are patients searching for and finding your practice online these days? Well Dr. Glazier bets it’s one of three: Traditional marketing, Word-of-mouth referrals, and the Internet. In this episode, he walks the path and offers marketing best practices for each patient journey.

  1. The Optometrist Millionaire Next Door [Listen now!]

As a business owner, it’s critical to track, measure, and strategize how you are going to grow your practice. Here, Dr. Glazier shares insights into how to identify your ideal patient, and then how to market to them.


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