How Blogging Can Get Your Small Business More Customers


How Blogging Gets You CustomersWe live in a society where people crave information. We’re constantly searching for it, always trying to learn something new to help us make better decisions. If your customers are already online searching for ways to remodel their kitchen or looking to add an addition onto their home, blogging is a great digital marketing tactic to increase your online visibility so more of them find your website as compared to a competitor’s.

Having a blog on your website that’s informative and engaging helps position your business as an expert in the industry. You can become the go-to remodeler of choice if you play your cards right. Here are 5 ways having a blog can get your home services business more customers:

1. It increases your chances of being noticed

Blogging is a great way to show customers that you are open for business, and one that can be trusted. Even writing a blog a week or a handful a month lets potential customers know you are active and engaged. But, if you don’t maintain your blog, people may begin to question why and that might make them question if you’re still in business, which is the last thing you want as a business owner. You never want a customer feeling uncertain when they’re deciding if your remodeling business is right for them or if that competitor of yours is better suited. A blog with current posts helps you knock down the first barrier to entry often times with potential customers – knowing if you’re a legit business or not.

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2. It’s educational

The second way blogging can get you more customers is that it allows you to be seen as a trusted resource for information in your service areas. A blog is a way to provide answers to the questions homeowners have related to what’s involved in a gutter repair or a bathroom remodel for instance. Once a potential customer views you as a resource, an authority, then they’re far more likely to choose you over a competitor. Also, a blog can help your sales team answer less questions during calls when they can direct the caller back to a page on your website!

3. It helps you get found online

It’s been proven that having a blog will increase your visibility on Google. Each time you post new content, that gets indexed and the more times Google indexes your website, the better your chances are of appearing in search results. Google’s mission is to provide its users with relevant information and they’ll catch on and recognize that you’re someone who’s producing that great content they want. If you don’t have fresh and relevant content on your website however, it’s hard to keep a good ranking for long or get one to begin with. One way to appear in search results you want to rank for is to write blogs with those keywords mentioned in the article. A higher ranking also goes to lower your SEO and advertising costs.

4. It fills your sales funnel

Blogging gets you customers by filling the top of your sales funnel because every blog post you write will ideally have a call-to-action of some kind. You can promote content such as a homeowners guide for download, a demo of your remodel process, or enter for a chance to win a free home makeover, just to name a few. Give first through the blog so then you can receive permission to contact them when they download your guide or enter your raffle. You can learn a lot about a potential customer by the content they’re reading on your blog, which you can use to inform other business decisions – perhaps your customers are really interested in upgrading their patios for the summer but you’re only promoting your kitchen cabinets and missing out on a lot of business.

5. It gives you more space for creativity

How Blogging Can Get Your Small Business More CustomersSharing customer success stories on your blog is a great way to win more business. A true testament to how great you are is how past customers appreciated your work. You can educate potential customers all day long, but if your service isn’t there to back it up, you’re only delivering on half the promise. A reason why people trust buying from Amazon so much is that there is a plethora of customer reviews. Showing how others benefited from your service is the surest way of convincing someone who may not have heard about you before their Google search.

Once a customer has decided to follow your blog, you’ve earned an open forum to stay top of mind and to build a relationship with them. The best blogs out there find that delicate balance between promoting your own products and services and sharing success stories of customers. These are just a few of the many ways blogging can get your small business more customers. So I leave you with one parting question, does your company run a blog?


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