New Feature Will Help Pinterest Users Connect and Collaborate

Already so far, Pinterest’s new messenger feature has received a big thumbs-up from its users and local social media marketing experts alike. Pinterest has been making a series of smart moves that have enabled users to better interact with one another. In the very beginning, users could only send pins to their friends and family members through email. Then starting this past year, they could send pins without having to leave the network, and now with this latest update, they can chat directly about the pin with up to 10 people!

chat-309417_640The messenger will likely prove extremely beneficial to Pinterest users, who combined send a total of 2 million pins each day. Consumers typically use Pinterest to find inspiration for their home-improvement projects and major events, and this new messenger system may further help them collaborate with friends and family members. Pinterest users can also send messages to friends who aren’t on Pinterest, which may be enough to entice non-users to join the network.

How the Messenger Works

The new feature will be available to people who use Pinterest on a desktop or laptop as well as the Android, iPhone, or iPad. Besides the ability to send a standard message to a friend, the messenger also allows people to interact with pins they send and receive. They can post the pin to their own board, share it with another friend, or add it to their favorites. It’s important to note that this feature is more advanced than the private messaging tools found on Facebook and Twitter.

To send a pin, just click on the send icon, which can be found on the left side of the screen, and then type in the name of the recipient. Pinterest keeps track of recent messages, which appear as chat bubbles on the left side of the screen.

What Pinterest’s Messenger Means for Businesses

The introduction of this new feature means that users will likely start spending more time on the network, and businesses may want to take a second look at advertising on Pinterest, particularly if they are part of an industry that lends itself particularly nicely to visual communication, such as landscaping and home remodeling.

Eventually, Pinterest may make it possible for businesses to not only showcase their products and services but also to conduct transactions directly on the site.

But until then, Pinterest will continue to serve as a powerful tool for businesses that want to highlight examples of their best work. The network is growing, and people are spending more time browsing through photos and interacting with their friends. Now is the time for businesses to tap into this great and expanding marketing tool! 

Alexandra Reichenbach

By Alexandra Reichenbach | 3 years ago |

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