Make the Most of WordPress with New Google Plus Plugins

Even though some social media experts say that Google+ is not as influential as other networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the network does boast 300 million active users each month.

google+For business owners who use a WordPress site, Google+ can bring even more advantages. By letting people know you’re on Google+, you open up the possibility of more interactions with them.

WordPress provides users with a wealth of customizable widgets, but sometimes the number of options can be quite overwhelming. We’ve found a list of the best Google+ plugins for your WordPress site. These can help simplify your tasks and keep you from getting caught up in the immense options at your disposal.

Add a Google+ Badge to Your Website

If your company is active on Google+, make sure your customers know it. Adding a Google+ badge to your website is one of the easiest ways to connect with your Google+ followers. Through the Widgets+ plugin, you can add a Google+ badge as well as a +1 button and an Add to Circles button to your site. Plus, once you enter your Google+ ID, you can set the width, border radius font, and colors of your Google+ badge. That way, you can make it fit the look of your website.

If you’re willing to pay for a premium plugin, try the Google Plus Plugin from WPMU DEV. This plugin enables you to add a +1 plugin to all of your WordPress posts, which serves as a constant reminder to visitors to connect with you on Google+.

Get Recognition for Your Content

After you’ve created original online content, it’s important to make sure it gets as much exposure as possible. Thanks to the Google Author Link, which was created by Help for WordPress!, you can manage your Google Authorship links right from your WordPress site. Then, when people find your WordPress content in search results, your authors’ profiles are visible. Although this plugin is technically free, a donation is requested.

Post Blog Articles from Google+

Another favorite Google+ plugin is the Google Plus Blog. This plugin enables you to publish WordPress content from your Google+ page. That way, all of your content, including images, remains consistent across both platforms. Also, the plugin enables users to comment and interact with your posts on both sites, so you get more engagement on your website and on Google+.

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