How to Beef Up Security for WordPress Sites

Anyone who has lived through the experience can tell you that having your business website hacked is no fun. After an online security breach, you may have to refund customers for online orders, apologize for a security breach, or even build a brand-new website.

Fortunately, there are steps that small business owners like you can take to strengthen your WordPress website security.

Make Sure You’re Using Secure Hosting

Many WordPress security breaches can be traced to unsecure website hosting. Before you choose a website hosting provider, do a little research. Make sure that the company you choose has a proven record of security. Unfortunately, a secure website hosting provider typically costs more than those of lesser quality, but this extra cost could prevent a catastrophe for your business and will be worth the investment.

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If you have already chosen a hosting provider, it may be worthwhile to check out the company’s history. Make sure that the provider you chose has a strong track record when it comes to security.

Keep Up-To-Date with WordPress Updates

As a busy website manager or business owner, it can be easy to ignore those yellow notifications about updating to a newer version of WordPress. However, failing to complete these updates could also leave your website vulnerable to security breaches. WordPress is constantly coming out with new versions to patch up all of the “holes” in its system, and you benefit each time you make these updates. Your content will not be lost when you update either.

Improve Your Username and Password

The most common WordPress username is undoubtedly “admin,” and while that’s convenient for businesses that have multiple people logging in, it’s also risky. When the username is “admin,” it’s quite easy for hackers to guess common passwords and take control over your website.

As for passwords, be careful to avoid common phrases such as your company slogan, the name of your business, or the easy-to-guess “abc123.” Instead, come up with a system that enables you to create complicated passwords that are easy to remember, such as using the second letter of every word in a favorite quotation.

Fortunately, there are a number of secure websites that enable you to manage all of your passwords in one place. 

Free Themes Can Pose a Risk

Even though the Web offers dozens of free themes that look great, it’s best for local business owners to avoid them if you can. Because of the type of encoding used on these themes, they pose a greater security risk.

If you choose to use a free theme, it’s best to choose one of the themes available on the official WordPress site, or one that has been designed by a reputable company.

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