Changes in Facebook Brand-User Engagement: Does a Smaller Facebook Fan Base Maximize Returns?

A cornerstone of Facebook marketing is engaging users in their news feeds. However, recent research suggests that gaining visibility on Facebook is now more difficult than ever. Facebook users have essentially been inundated with mass amounts of content from expansive lists of advertisers, and some speculate that Facebook users are more likely to view content posted directly to their walls.

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Growing a fan base entirely around fiscal incentives and/or discounts may be the wrong way to approach local social media marketing. If your fan base is repeatedly bombarded with ads from your page, without a strong mix of engaging and useful content, there’s a strong likelihood your fans will begin to block your posts in their news feed.

It’s also highly important to take a results-driven approach to marketing on Facebook.  Facebook may or may not trim its user base to a more manageable size, but that doesn’t stop you from targeting your audience and tracking their engagement. Marketers should focus on the quality of each follower and maintaining their interest rather than gaining a large quantity of semi-engaged or disengaged followers.

The Nature of Organic Brand to User Connection on Facebook

Brands essentially cast a net each time they post organic content on Facebook. A few years ago, brands could anticipate that approximately 16% of a fan base would view a given post. Today, that number has decreased substantially. Some social media marketing experts anticipate that it will be as low as 1% in the near future. If you have an engaged following, today you should aim to connect with about 5% of your fan base.

In Summary: the Number of Facebook Fans Does Not Necessarily Correlate With Returns.

Though, posting great content to a focused Facebook community built around your brand is a good starting point, the long term goal of local social media marketing is to get users talking and sharing.

Is There a Problem With Facebook or Current Facebook Marketing Strategies?

Many experts suggest that Facebook marketers can succeed by attracting a smaller fan base that is eager to engage in conversation and is eager to share content with others. Facebook has historically low brand to user engagement rates partially because the platform has attracted an enormous user base. The work around: segment your audience and tailor your content so your fan base starts responding to your Facebook posts and sharing them with their Facebook friends.

Alexandra Reichenbach

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