Bring Pinterest Directly to Your Home Improvement Website

Over the last few years, Pinterest has been growing at a rapid pace, especially for home-related businesses, including remodelers and landscapers.  For professionals in these industries, Pinterest is the perfect place to showcase their best work.

Thurs 05 22 14Pinterest recently took a step further to creating synergy among their site users, and it’s of particular interest to their business users. Pinterest has made it possible for website managers to embed their Pinterest boards directly onto a website. That way, your website visitors can see all of your latest pins and follow your boards, even if they don’t follow you on Pinterest.

How to Embed Your Pinterest Boards

Embedding a Pinterest board in your website is easy, especially if you use WordPress. To embed your Pinterest content, navigate to the board you want to embed. Then click on the <> button located at the top of the page. From there, you’ll be able to copy the code provided and paste it onto your website as a widget.

Then users will be able to interact with your pins: they can pin them, send them to a friend, or mark them as their favorites.

There is no limit on the number of boards you can embed onto your website, but make sure that you’re highlighting only one or two boards; otherwise, the visual content could be overwhelming for users.

Add a Pin It Button to Your Website

While you’re adding Pinterest widgets to your site, it may also be a good idea to add a Pin it button. These can be easily created by visiting the Widget Builder on the Pinterest for Business website. The handy tool creates the code for you based on the information you provide; then all you have to do is paste the code onto your website.

With the Pin It button, you gain more exposure to Pinterest. Users can pin photos from your site to their Pinterest boards, where their friends will see their images. This in turn can help your small home improvement business better compete. Your business will gain exposure as more eyes are drawn to your showcased work as it gets passed along!

On Pinterest’s Widget Builder, you’ll also find tools for creating a customized Follow button, a board widget, a profile widget, and a pin widget for highlighting your company’s top pin.

The Future of Pinterest

These new features prove that Pinterest is committed to helping small businesses promote their products and services. With any luck, Pinterest’s innovations will continue, and there’s no better time for small businesses that haven’t explored Pinterest to get started than right now.

Contact the Experts Today

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Alexandra Reichenbach

By Alexandra Reichenbach | 4 years ago |

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