How to Amplify the Benefits of PPC Using a Sound SEO Strategy

Organic search results are responsible for over 94% of clicks in Google, almost 92% of which are for sites on page 1. However, getting to page 1 in organic search can be a very time consuming process and the results may vary depending on the competitiveness of your keywords. This means that if you’re a small business in a very crowded industry and area, your SEO campaign may not bear fruit within the time frame and price range you expect.

PPC equals leadsThe disadvantages of SEO are the advantages of PPC

Even though only 6% of searchers click on paid links, there are many compelling reasons you should still invest in them. With PPC, you can see immediate results and your ad placement depends entirely on your budget. PPC more cost-effective to implement and this is definitely a boon for small businesses that are just starting to carve out an online presence.

According to an infographic made by Wordstream, among the people who use search engines, more than 64% of those with a high commercial intent choose PPC links. This indicates that while the program carries an initial cost, in the long run, you pay less for PPC leads than you do for those generated through SEO. Since you only pay for clicks to your ad, there’s a stronger likelihood for quality visits deriving from this channel because more than half of the people who click your ad have the intent to buy.

Make PPC work with your SEO campaign

Despite the inherent advantages of PPC for marketing, getting the attention of the mentioned 94% of searchers is still essential for building your brand name, which will help to drive users toward your paid links. After all, people who don’t already have a specific company in mind tend to click on the top 3 organic search results. To make your PPC push successful, you have to use the same elements that make websites rank organically, including keywords and content marketing.

One of the most important things you can take from SEO is that your landing page’s content should be optimized properly with call to action buttons placed in appropriate locations – check out one of our blog posts that details their powerful effect on conversions. Our custom marketing programs can help you find out how to make your SEO and PPC campaigns work hand-in-hand to maximize your lead generation potential.

Brian Seskin

Brian is a senior media & marketing executive with 15 years in digital and an extensive background in traditional direct marketing channels. Prior to joining Surefire Local, he was VP of Digital Marketing for iVillage Networks at NBCUniveral where he headed up paid media, SEO, CRM, and customer acquisition programs. Brian brings an in-depth knowledge of the strategic, technical and creative aspects of internet marketing.

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