Creating Original Social Media Content for Small Businesses

The quality of your content determines the effectiveness of your marketing. You must make your business’ products and services matter to your target market and social media gives you the opportunity to spread your message to them directly.

However, it can be difficult to find out what types of content will work for your customers because every niche is different. In an attempt to reach a broader audience, many companies tend to oversimplify and generalize their ads. On social networks, these ads are often ignored by users because they tend to favor topics that purposely cater to their needs and desires.

Be Unique, Important, and Specific

According to Social Media Today, to engage consumers, you have to appeal to human emotions and target your market exclusively. The article identifies three types of content that work:

  1. The Informant – Raises awareness and publicizes new information or updates.
  2. The Creative – Extends a brand’s audience and improves its image through imaginative ideas.Social-networking
  3. The Entertainer – Increases viewership and sharing using humor or real life drama.

All three categories capture audience interest because they have two things in common: originality and value. The basic premise behind social networking is sharing, so you have to provide content that users will want to share with others. If your posts don’t say anything new or significant, it’s probably better to not post at all because generic ads will only drive people away.

Don’t Sell Yourself; Sell What You Can Do

A common mistake that many social media campaigns make is excessive self-promotion. Users typically don’t pay much attention to posts that only talk about a brand’s positive traits. Instead, you should focus on what your strengths can do to solve issues that people experience on a daily basis.

The best type of content combines all the characteristics mentioned above. One particularly successful way to reach your audience is to engage them directly in a project. For instance, one of our clients held an event on Facebook last Veteran’s Day for the Wounded Warriors Project, wherein a dollar was donated for every Like that the page received for the month of November. Another campaign called “Helmets for Heroes” put war veterans in the spotlight and allowed the company and its fans to show appreciation for their efforts. Most people love to contribute to an important cause, so charity based campaigns have huge potential for building interest around your brand.

Unique content is an absolute necessity in the social media space, and and you can’t ignore the possibilities presented by platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We have another blog post that discusses engaging customers with real stories about real people – apply the lessons you learn to your social campaign and you’ll definitely see the difference.

Alexandra Reichenbach

By Alexandra Reichenbach | 4 years ago |

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