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How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is an excellent platform for companies to market their products and services. The number of people who log in to the site is consistently increasing and statistics show they tend to spend more money through online purchases on average than users of other social media sites. However, it can be difficult to keep Pinterest …

By Chris Marentis | December 18th, 2013 |

How important are Promoted Facebook Posts for Your Company?

Facebook is one of the most cost-effective avenues to reach people and tell them about your brand. If you’re committed and active with your social media campaigns, you can get many users to follow, recommend, and share your posts, which can further increase your company’s exposure to potential customers. However, due to a recent change …

By Chris Marentis | December 18th, 2013 |

Creating Original Social Media Content for Small Businesses

The quality of your content determines the effectiveness of your marketing. You must make your business’ products and services matter to your target market and social media gives you the opportunity to spread your message to them directly. However, it can be difficult to find out what types of content will work for your customers …

By Steve Eastlack | December 18th, 2013 |

Enhance Your Brand Visibility Using Google Maps

Brands with a strong online presence have the opportunity to drive traffic to their physical locations. In the brick-and-mortar realm, if you’re stuck among a crowd of brands vying for local consumer attention , it can be a challenge to stand out, especially if your business does not rely on window displays. This rings true …

By Chris Marentis | December 12th, 2013 |

Don’t Get Left Behind in the Digital Marketing Race

A survey posted on Search Engine Land reveals some interesting statistics about digital marketing from the point of view of business owners. On average, small to medium businesses spend 46% of their marketing budget on digital media, which highlights the degree to which small and medium sized businesses have come to depend on the Internet …

By Chris Marentis | December 12th, 2013 |

Turn Website Visitors into Customers by Optimizing Your Page Content

As you are probably already aware, websites have become the front door to businesses. Consumers have come to rely on the Internet for their product and service research. So, it goes without saying that the more attractive your site is to consumers, the more site traffic you will have. However, to take advantage of the …

By Chris Marentis | December 12th, 2013 |

Surefire Local Helps Businesses Maximize National-to-Local Marketing and Lead Generation with One Unified Enterprise Marketing Platform

Media Contact: Jennifer Mirabile Young & Associates 724-772-2038 Surefire Local Helps Businesses Maximize National-to-Local Marketing and Lead Generation with One Unified Enterprise Marketing Platform National-to-Local Marketing Technology Helps Enterprise Businesses – Including Gutter Helmet® – Deploy Scalable Online Campaigns Across Local Dealers and Stores Herndon, VA, Dec. 11, 2013 – Surefire Local™, a provider …

By Chris Marentis | December 11th, 2013 |

Engaging Customers with Real Stories about Real People

In a minute and a half, this popular Google Analytics ad manages to capture the experience of online search miscommunications, and it’s hilarious! Obviously, there’s tremendous opportunity to find and acquire new customers on the Internet. We find the key to success is getting a deeper understanding of your potential customers. It’s essential to interact …

By Chris Marentis | December 9th, 2013 |

Don’t Underestimate the SEO Power of Images…

How Images enhance your search ranking Pictures are an important marketing tool for websites, directories and social networks. We know that when you combine great pictures with content, click through rates, sharing and engagement increases dramatically. Moreover, with mobile cameras everywhere, people are taking and viewing more photos than any other time before. As such, …

By Chris Marentis | December 6th, 2013 |

Empower Your Brand with Facebook Partner Promoted Posts

If you’re an owner of a small business, getting noticed in the midst of giant corporations isn’t easy. Placing ads on traditional marketing spaces can be very expensive and may not deliver the results you need. What if there was an accessible marketing tool you could use to identify and target specific groups of customers? …

By Chris Marentis | December 5th, 2013 |

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