Make Your Franchise’s Content Go Viral

Through local social media marketing, you have the power to reach hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. That’s why almost everyone you talk to has seen the latest hilarious video of dancing babies on YouTube. It seems that everyone wants their content to “go viral.” But how can your franchise do it? We’ve checked with the experts, and they have some ideas for reaching more of your customers.


If your franchise has pages set up for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites, that’s a great start. But in addition to using those websites, your franchise must also have a sound strategy for using these technologies. Contrary to what some local marketing experts might believe, luck has nothing to do with whether or not your content goes viral.

Make People Look Good

Let’s face it. It’s natural for Facebook and Twitter users want to impress their friends. That’s why it’s important to provide them with content that they can share with their friends and make them look smarter and more knowledgeable. For this reason, LinkedIn has also taken off; the more people can brag about themselves and their accomplishments to their friends, the better.

If you’re able to provide content that isn’t available to the masses, such as an interesting infographic that contradicts conventional wisdom, your followers are likely to share it with their friends. People love being the first one to share exciting news because it makes them look like they’re important.

Keep It Interesting

Although you might spend a lot of time writing content for your company blog, that may not necessarily go viral on social media. (However, original blog content is great for your website’s search engine optimization, so don’t neglect that, either.) People tend to share photos, videos, memes, and short written content. If you have a short quotation or phrase to share, it might be a good idea to make it into an eye-catching image for Facebook or Pinterest. Remember that social media users skim their news feeds quickly, and they might not stop to read a block of text.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Although there are a few basic rules to follow for creating content that is likely to go viral, sometimes it doesn’t work. In these cases, it’s best to keep trying. Not everything you post will go viral. A lot of it has to do with having the right information at the right time, and you might just find that winning combination next time you try. Even if it doesn’t go viral every time, if you understand what makes people share content, you’ll have a better chance of reaching more people.



Chris Marentis

Chris Marentis is a passionate entrepreneur and innovator determined to leave a legacy bigger than himself. Chris grew up in an entrepreneurial family with a father who owned a home contracting HVAC business. When traditional media was disrupted by the online world, empowering consumers to rely less on sales people and advertisements to make decisions, large companies with big budgets could afford to play the game, but the local entrepreneur, like Chris’s father was left behind. This disadvantage inspired Chris to write Surefire Local: the guide for local SMB’s to compete in the digital world. Chris was invited to speak at events and demand grew for ways to implement his ideas. Chris turned his vision into a reality when he started Surefire Local in 2009. Feedback was strong. Businesses began asking for help implementing their digital marketing and Surefire evolved into a SaaS and services business. The company’s dramatic growth came with only 1-2 sales people at any given time and a limited marketing budget, thanks to referrals from rabidly loyal clients. The company’s latest innovation Surepulse, an SMB’s Digital CMO, provides data insights and competitive tactics to marketing novices, giving them complete control over their online marketing activities. Chris has spoken at the following events: SMX, BIA/Kelsey, Hanley Wood International Roofing Show and Contractor Summit, NAILBA National Conference, Tech Summit, CCN, GAF Wealth Builders, Gutter Helmet National Dealer Meeting. Publications Chris contributes to: Street Fight, Search Engine Land, iMedia, Social Media Today, Franchising World‏.

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