Using Reviews to Provide Social Proof of Your Company’s Quality

A company is only as good as its reputation, and unfortunately many business owners are terrified by the emergence of review sites and social media. While it’s true that a good business can be blindsided by a negative review, a thoughtful business owner can minimize that possibility and maximize their online reputation by monitoring and improving quality.


What’s Trending About Your Company?

A recent customer service infographic from ZenDesk shares that 88% of people have been influenced by online customer service reviews when making buying decisions. 45% of those reviews are bad experiences posted via social media.

Now more than ever it’s critical that companies monitor what’s being said and join the conversation about their brand. Due to the multitude of social media and review sites, prospective customers have their pick of information, and it’s your job to make sure what they’re seeing is a true reflection of your company.

Do a quick search and claim your company profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Kudzu, Angie’s List, Judy’s Book, and other review, directory, and social media sites. Once you’ve claimed your profiles you’ll begin receiving notifications whenever someone leaves a comment. It’s important as your company begins to engage with customers via social media and online review sites that you develop a strategy for responses.

Not only does claiming your online profiles allow you to manage what’s being said, it also impacts how frequently your company returns in search results.

Customer Reviews Boost Your SEO

With the majority of people looking for products and services online and researching reviews, where your company appears in their search matters. Home building or remodeling services are no exception. A lot of our members indicate that they have experienced prospective clients searching to find a remodeler or builder and seeing customer reviews and testimonials on their GuildQuality profile pages. It’s just one of the reasons they use our service – to share their high level of customer satisfaction and increase their online visibility.

Geoff Graham, Founder and CEO of GuildQuality recently shared with Remodeling how remodelers’ reviews help SEO, “Whether they’re good or bad, when reviews are appropriately formatted, search engines will recognize them and weight them with more importance. Google might say, ‘I can see this review, so I’m going to return this in the search results more frequently.’”

The Proof is in the Post

Bottom line, online reviews are awesome for awesome companies; they can provide proof about your delivery of quality. For not so awesome companies, reviews can be another leak in a sinking ship.

If you know your company is top-notch, get the recognition you deserve for your history of exceptional service and promote your online customer reviews to generate business. Create a testimonial page on your website showcasing the feedback, and most importantly share links to the reviews or post the reviews directly to your social media sites.

Authentic customer reviews and comments can be some of the most compelling marketing content your company has at its disposal. Make it as simple as possible for your evangelical customers to promote their experience with your company. Think of these customers as your brand ambassadors. Encourage them to share their stories. Having a great client’s experience go viral on Facebook, Twitter and popular review sites is the best way to earn you more business and solidify your status as a service excellence leader.

GuildQuality is a web-based customer satisfaction surveying solution for small to mid-sized homebuilders and remodelers.


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